My Make Up Essentials | January 2019

I never used to spend money on makeup. And the makeup I did have was basic as anything. Think the Miss Sporty stuff from Superdrug or what you get in those cheap makeup kits a distant relative buys you for Christmas. It usually was just eyeliner and a bit of mascara, and in later years, foundation that was far too dark for my skin tone.

I don’t really remember when I decided to invest in decent makeup, but I certainly know why I did. Over time my skin has gotten increasingly more acne ridden, and I’ve become more conscious of the dark circles under my eyes. I also go by the very simple belief that I look better when I have makeup on, so why not invest in something decent? I look like utter shit without it and when my makeup looks decent, I feel much better about myself. I know these days women are supposed to embrace natural beauty and stuff, but personally, if wearing a bit of makeup makes you feel better about yourself (note: yourself, not to please anyone else), then go for it.

So, I’ve decided to share the products I’m currently using. They sometimes vary depending on what I can afford or what’s on offer at the time, but at the moment, this combination seems to work nicely. So here is my current selection of products that I cover my face in every morning.

My Current Makeup Bag Essentials Pinterest Graphic

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop 24 Hour Foundation – Porcelain

I struggle to find a decent foundation that doesn’t make me look orange. This works quite nicely. It’s light, it lasts all day and it’s easy to apply. I usually apply it with a blending sponge as it means you can get more out of it.

NARS Soft Matte Concealer – Chantilly

Don’t be put off by the price – this is the only concealer that works to cover up my eye bags. It’s thick and blends well, plus a small jar lasts absolutely ages.

Barry M Blusher Quad Palette

I got this for Christmas and I’m already in love with it. It’s got four different shades that you can wear separately or blend together. Honestly, I can’t be arsed to blend them with all that contouring crap, so I use them individually. The rosey colours generally look best on my pale AF skin, but the more orange tones are a nice touch when you want to keep it subtle.

Benefit Bene-tint Rose Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain and Benefit Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm in Benebalm

I use these two combined every day. The tint gives a really nice long lasting colour and the balm stops my lips from drying out. It’s really good for an extra bit of colour without looking too over the top.

Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Waterproof Mascara – Black

My eyes water A LOT. So much so that any mascara ends up being smudged after an hour or two so I decided to invest in a decent waterproof one. This does the job very nicely. It lives up to its waterproof name and lasts all day. It gives my lashes a nice, natural look just with a little something extra.

Picture of my makeup products in front of a Cath Kidston make-up bag. Left to right: NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation, MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Mascara, NARS Creamy Concealer, Barry M Blusher Quad Palette, Benefit Benebalm and Benetint.
Here’s my collection in all it’s glory

So that’s what currently lives in my makeup bag. Along with a selection of lipsticks I’ll probably never use but keep hold of just in case. I do rock a red lip, but you can’t exactly wear it on a trip to Morrisons.

Anyway, while I don’t intend for this to become a beauty blog, because I know bugger all about cosmetics and that, I may do more of these sort of posts in the future. My make up brands change a lot depending on money and if something new catches my eye. If you have any suggestions on your favourite make up products, feel free to comment below. I’m always keen to give new stuff a try if it’s got a good recommendation. And if I can still afford to put fuel in my car afterwards, of course.

You can find out more about each product I’ve mentioned in this post by clicking on their names. There are no affiliate links in this post – all products have been purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.

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