Me & Mum on My Wedding Day

My List of Wonder Women

International Women’s Day is the day we celebrate women’s equality and their achievements. In the spirit of things, today’s post is all about the women who have influenced me throughout my life and why I think they’re awesome.

My List of Wonder Women

My Mama

Obvs. Growing up it was pretty much just me and her, and to this day she still is my best friend. She makes a fabulous carrot cake, she loves a good bitching session and she always looks after me despite the fact I’m 28 years old. My favourite thing she taught me at the precious age of 8 was “all men are bastards” – a lesson which she still occasionally reminds me of even now. She never fails to make me laugh, especially when she’s in the car angrily shouting at another driver who’s pissed her off.

Christmas Photo of Me, Mum and Daisy
Mama J & I with Daisy

Taylor Swift

Let’s be honest, you probably saw this one coming. We all love Taylor for her music (and if you don’t, you’re wrong), but I also love her as a person. She is fierce AF in how she deals with haters (This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things and Look What You Made Me Do are just the BEST songs to listen to when someone has pissed you off), but you’ll read countless stories on the internet of how lovely she is to her fans. Her music, in particular her 1989 album, has really helped me with my anxiety and even now, if I feel panicky or upset, I’ll pop on one of her songs to help me feel unstoppable and fearless.

Gif from Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do video - she's in a bath full of diamond jewellery.

Cassey Ho

I only discovered Blogilates – her YouTube channel – last year, but since discovering her channel I’ve finally found some form of exercise I actually like. After years of bullying during P.E., that’s something I never thought would happen. Her workouts, mainly incorporating HIIT and pilates moves, are incredibly challenging, but you can’t beat the sense of achievement you feel after completing one. Admittedly, there’s a sense of irrational rage you feel towards her when she is flawlessly doing the same move that you’re collapsed in a sweaty mess trying to attempt, but you can’t beat that feeling when you’re finally able to do it properly. People have been banging on at me for years that exercise is good for your mental health, and now I can finally agree with them.

Sarah Millican

Genuinely my favourite female comedian. I’ve seen her live twice and both times she’s been absolutely hilarious – if you haven’t seen her live before I strongly recommend that you do the next time she tours. Her jokes are incredibly relatable, and she’s not afraid to talk about topics a lot of us shy away from. Her routines have painfully relatable jokes about periods, vaginas, poo and sex, to name a few. Again, she’s not afraid to deal with haters either – just watch her Outsider DVD where she hilariously takes down an ex school bully that gets in touch with her.

Lady Gaga#

Honestly, it’s not just because I’ve recently watched A Star is Born. I fell in love with Gaga from the start since I first heard Just Dance and she’s continued to have a regular spot in all of my playlists. Her music has evolved over the years from some absolute bangers to songs that genuinely make you feel better about yourself when you’re having a shitty time. Born This Way, and Edge of Glory for example. And of course, she is just flawless in A Star is Born.

Who are the women who inspire you the most?

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