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Bottomless Prosecco and Starting Over: A Review of January, February and March

I’ll be honest – my life isn’t exciting enough to produce a monthly review – I’ve tried it, but I can’t come up with much. So, the next best thing was to have a go at a quarterly review. January to March has been fairly quiet, but I think that’s usually the way with the first few months of the year. It’s nice that we’re finally coming into Spring – I’m not a fan of the cold weather, and the ridiculous amount of snow we had in February was horrific. Lots of sun and daffodils, please. Anyway, enjoy my highlights from the last three months!

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House Fail

Of course the big news is that our house purchase has fallen through. It’s far too complicated to get into, and I could probably write an entire post about it, but frankly, I’m fed up with talking about it. I only mention it because it’s probably the biggest thing that’s happened this month. Long story short, we withdrew for several reasons, the main one being that the final specification of the house was not what we were promised in the beginning. In a way, I’m grateful to have some closure on it – while I’m gutted it’s not happening, I’m relieved that it’s all over rather than being stuck in an awkward phase where no one has any idea what’s going on.

2 Day Drinking

Most of my friends will tell you that after a heavy night, I am completely useless for the next 24 hours. Which is why, in hindsight, arranging to have a few drinks which would inevitably end in a hilariously drunk game of Singstar with my friends may have been a mistake. However, I’m pleased to report, that I survived 2 days of drinking. One Friday night in January was spent with two of my friends at my house, drinking wine and just putting the world to rights. That turned into a game of Cards Against Humanity, which then turned into a game of Singstar. Drinking an entire bottle of Prosecco had not been my intention. The next day was my friend’s hen party. I woke up feeling a little worse for wear, but surprisingly not as bad as I was expecting. I started to feel a bit queasy on the train, but this was a bottomless Prosecco lunch that I was attending, and I was buggered if I wasn’t going to take advantage of it. We stopped off for a drink before lunch where I ordered a gigantic glass of water with my gin and tonic, which I think did the trick. Thankfully, the lunch was at an Italian restaurant, so my 3 course meal, one of which was a massive bowl of pasta, also provided some sort of buffer for the copious amounts of booze coming my way. I lost count of how much Prosecco I drank after the main course, but it was followed by a couple of Woo-Woo’s, another G&T, and several vodka tonics. We went to a karaoke bar for the final part of the evening, which was a great laugh, and there was even a fluffy dog I spent too much time petting. All in all, despite the raging hangover I had on the Sunday (and most of Monday if we’re being honest), I had a fabulous time on both nights, and I’m proud that I made it as far as I did, when part of me was expecting to be passed out in the toilet before they came round with the second bottle of fizz.

Falling Off the Wagon

A few wobbles with my anxiety and IBS have meant that I’m not quite where I should be with my goals. I’m still trying to attempt the 30 Day Water Challenge – the closest I’ve come being 26 days – and at best I’ve worked out once a week in the last few weeks before the various things mentioned above have gotten in my way. I’m trying not to beat myself up too much about it, but I’m still feeling a bit like I’ve failed. I’m hoping this will be the week where I can get back into things. Fingers crossed.

Comedy Nights

My husband and I have quite a lot of comedy shows booked in this year, and this month we kicked things off with the first two. First of all, we saw Nish Kumar in Bristol. It was quite an eventful evening in the run up to getting to the venue, as we had a minor car accident (don’t worry, everything’s fine – aside from the fact my husband was not happy to give up his BMW for two weeks and drive a Renault Captur in its place), and I got locked in the toilet. But, I digress. Nish’s show It’s In Your Nature to Destroy Yourselves was hilarious. It was very heavily based around the current shitshow that the UK is going through, but nonetheless, everything he said was basically what the entire room was thinking. Secondly, last week we saw Rachel Parris in Bath. Her show It’s Fun to Pretend was brilliant. There were plenty of topical jokes thrown in, up to her usual high standard you see on The Mash Report, along with some highly relatable songs about growing up, falling in love, and dealing with hen parties when you’re on a train.

So what do I have to look forward to over the next three months? Well, the big news is that after years of wanting one but not doing anything, I’ve finally booked my tattoo. It’s happening, I’ve paid a deposit and everything. Finally something I can tick off my 30 Before 30! Secondly, my birthday is coming up in May. Not that I’ve got anything planned yet, but still – presents and cake. On the comedy front, we’ve two more shows coming up: Jimmy Carr at the end of May and James Acaster in the middle of June. My Mum and I will also be heading to DogFest for the second year at the end of June too – we went last year in the hope of meeting Noel Fitzpatrick, and aside from a brief glimpse of him, we failed miserably. But it was a lovely day, and if you’re a dog lover, it’s even lovelier. Of course that’s just bits that are planned right now, there’ll hopefully be plenty more.

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