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Today’s post is inspired my Ten Songs blog. I used to watch so many movies as a teenager that I thought this would be a good follow up. So today, I’ve picked out my ten favourite movies of all time. Quite an eclectic mix, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Ten Movies Pinterest Graphic

Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2

Still of Uma Thurman as The Bride in Kill Bill Vol 1. She's wearing the trademark yellow and black tracksuit and holding a samurai sword across her face.

I know that technically, this is two separate movies, but I physically can’t watch them separately. If I’ma watch Kill Bill, I’m settling in for a complete sesh. I became obsessed with this movie when I was 17. Uma Thurman is a fucking badass in the entire run. My favourite thing about the whole franchise is the fact that you don’t actually get the full story until the second instalment. In Volume 1, the Bride is just this killing machine that’s thirsty for revenge, but in Volume 2, you learn so much more about her and her story.

Mean Girls

Still from Mean Girls: Cady, Karen, Gretchen and Regina stood in a line. Regina is on the phone while the other girls look on. They are all dressed in pink.

You will relate if you’ve ever attended a secondary school. Mean Girls is just the ultimate teenage comedy and it’s the most quotable movie of all time. For example: What are you wearing out tonight? “YOUR MOM’S CHEST HAIR.” In addition, 14 year old me didn’t quite appreciate the brilliance of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. 27 year old me does. I’m not like a regular Mom, I’m a cool Mom!

The Little Mermaid

Still from The Little Mermaid - Ariel and Eric are sat in a rowing boat together, gazing into each other's eyes.

As a Disney fan, this had to be involved. The Little Mermaid has to be my favourite movie of all time. I was obsessed with it as a child, and I remember renting it every weekend from the video shop as my special treat. It was my first ever trip to the cinema when they re-released it in 1997, and when I finally got my hands on the DVD when it was re-released AGAIN in 2006, it was the best Christmas ever. I was obsessed with mermaids as a child which is why I loved it so much, but as an adult, I appreciate the soundtrack and the animation so much more. Also, shout out to Peter Andre’s version of Kiss the Girl back in 1997.

Garden State

Still from Garden State - Mark, Sam and Large stand in the rain, looking in the distance.

If you’re a fan of Scrubs I 100% recommend checking this out. Zach Braff’s talents as an actor, writer, and director just shine in this. It’s an amazing coming of age film that you’ve probably not seen anything like before. Natalie Portman is brilliant as the female lead, and keep a look out for Jim Parsons pre-Big Bang Theory! Not to mention, the soundtrack is amazing.

A Star is Born

Still from A Star is Born - Jackson and Ally, with their foreheads touching, sing together.

I only discovered this movie earlier this year. Frankly, I regret not seeing it in the cinema. Lady Gaga is incredible, and contributes to the most incredible soundtrack. The scene where she performs Shallow is just amazing and you can’t help but root for her. Aside from Marley & Me, I have never cried so much at a movie.

The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman - Phillip Carlyle and PT Barnum stand at the bar drinking shots.

To think I almost never saw this movie. I had no interest in watching this until my friends suggested we see it on a spontaneous trip to the cinema. After the first few bars of the opening number, I knew this was going to become one of my favourites. The soundtrack is epic, Hugh Jackman is amazing, and best of all, Zac Efron is in it. Not gonna lie, the whole sequence where Hugh and Zac sing The Other Side is probably one of my favourite musical sequences of all time. Oh my.

There’s Something About Mary

Still from There's Something About Mary - Photo of the classic scene where Mary sits with her fringe sticking up after mistaking a certain something for hair gel...

I discovered this movie when I was 8 years old. I remember it was shown on Sky Movies and because it was a Friday night, my Mum let me stay up late while she watched it. Of course 99% of the jokes went straight over my head, but I remember lots of swearing, and a fluffy little dog that was really aggressive – which made me laugh my head off. The older I got, the more jokes I understood, and I eventually realised that Lee Evans, my favourite comedian of all time, made an appearance. To this day, this is still a movie that makes me laugh my tits off – and I understand all the jokes this time.

Hot Fuzz

Still from Hot Fuzz - PC Danny Butterman and Sergeant Nicholas Angel sit in their police car eating Cornettos.

This is just the finest in British comedy. I think it especially resonates if you’ve ever lived in the West Country. My husband and I quote this movie to each other all the time and it’s the source of so much laughter in our house. It’s classic British comedy combined with the ever popular “buddy-cop” theme.

You’ve Got Mail

Still from You've Got Mail - Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) and Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) meet each other in the park for the first time.

I remember back in the day, this was one of my Mum’s favourite films. I hated it and I had no idea why she loved it so much. Then one day when I was around 17 I caught the whole thing, and realised that I loved it. It was just so light hearted and the ending just made me feel warm and fuzzy. To this day, the phrase “don’t cry, Shop Girl” still gets me.

Toy Story

Still from Toy Story - Woody and Buzz are riding on the back of an RC car, while Buzz has a firework tied to the back of him.

Pixar have produced some incredible movies over the years, but this will always be the best. When Toy Story was first released, I wasn’t old enough to appreciate it. But now, as an adult, it’s officially my favourite Pixar movie. Woody is basically me. Neurotic, easily jealous, and loves to be in control. For years, I always used to say that Toy Story 2 was my favourite, but as an adult, I definitely think that the original is the best. I don’t think you quite appreciate a Disney movie until you’ve seen it as an adult.

What movies would be in your selection? Comment and let me know!

Images from IMDB.

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