Weekly Song Challenge: Round 2

ICYMI, last week I decided to take part in the Weekly Song Challenge, which was initially started by Laura, who’s blog you can read here. I originally spotted the challenge in my fellow blogger Liz’s post, which you can also have a read of here if you haven’t done so already. I love this sort of thing, so let’s crack on!

Again, if you need a refresher, the rules of the Weekly Song Challenge are: 

  1. Copy rules and add to your own post, pinging back to this post.
  2. Post music videos for your answers to the musical questions.
  3. Tag two people to participate!

1: A Song That’s Perfect When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

This is a song that has been in my anxiety playlist for a while now. I discovered it on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and I’m so glad I did. It’s such a calming song and I love the overall message of “all we can do is keep breathing.” I listened to it on my very first flight during take off and it gave me something to focus on while I endured the worst of my anxiety.

2: A Song You’d Find Humorous if it Came on While Making Whoopie

Just any Disney song, to be honest. This is probably self explanatory though!

3: A Protest Song

You knew I was going to include some Taylor Swift eventually, right? I’m not sure this really counts as a protest song but I think You Need to Calm Down is an excellent protest against the haters. Plus it’s an absolute banger. 

As I did last week, I’m leaving this as an open tag – so feel free to join in if you’d like! If you missed last week’s post, you can also take a gander here!

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