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My 2019 trip to Disneyland with Lillie was is the first time I’d flown with hand luggage only, and while that’s probably no big deal for most people, for me, I was nervous AF. Why? Well, OCD – soap and all that. Hand luggage restrictions don’t particularly give a shit if you have OCD. Usually, with a checked bag, I would have all of my toiletries in there, and the only liquids in my hand luggage would be a bottle of hand sanitiser. 

I get that it’s probably no big deal to anyone else, but I like my home comforts. Restricting it down to a maximum of 10 items was tough. Not to mention the fact that I like to keep my hand sanitiser in a separate pocket so that the germs from whatever I’ve touched don’t transfer onto my things. Ugh. Even typing that I know how ridiculous I sound. I’m embarrassed that I’m making it into such a big thing to be honest, but I can’t help it.

Anyway, in trying not to let the whole thing stress me out too much, I put together a post on my packing techniques, along with everything that would be going in my bag!

My Travel Essentials Pinterest graphic

All items featured have been purchased with my own money, and this post contains no affiliate links.

The Bag

While for convenience, I know a small trolley suitcase would be easier. You don’t have to carry it on your shoulders, and generally there’s more room than what you get in a shoulder bag. Plus your stuff is a bit more protected. However, what put me off is having my money and my travel documents trailing behind me – I prefer to have it physically close to my body. As at this point, I’d never travelled on just hand luggage before, I didn’t really have a bag big enough, so I decided to invest in one. This particular bag – the WANDF Foldable Travel Duffel Bag – had some great reviews on Amazon, it comes in loads of different colours, and meets the baggage restrictions on most budget airlines. It’s nice and light, and it folds up for easy storage too.

Photo of my travel bag, along with my Toy Story patterned toiletry bag. Below is my "liquids" bag, filled with makeup and hand sanitiser. Next to it I have a book, my Disneyland folder with our tickets in, gold sequin Mickey Mouse ears, and my floral patterned gadget bag with my pink earphones on top.


  1. Hand sanitiser: I’m using Dettol Antibacterial Hand Gel as it dries nice and quick, and it doesn’t smell too overpowering. 
  2. Foundation: I currently use Rimmel Match Perfection in Fair Porcelain. While the whole bottle was under 100ml, it wouldn’t quite fit in the bag, so I had to decant it into a little jar. Just a side note, the clear bag came from Primark – it was £4 and had a couple of bottles and a small jar in it, all under 100ml.
  3. Concealer: I’m using Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in True Ivory –  I know concealer may not be a priority to most but I need the bags under my eyes covered if I’m going to feel good about my appearance. 
  4. Mascara: I’ve been using Collection 2000 Volumising Mascara for a while now and for £2.99, it does the job just fine! My eyes water a lot so I go for the waterproof option and it seems to hold pretty well. 
  5. Moisturiser: Recently I’ve been using Nivea Daily Essentials face cream for dry and sensitive skin. It’s nice and gentle and it smells amazing!
  6. Deodorant: I normally use a spray but so I don’t need to pack an aerosol I opted for a roll on. I usually use the Dove deodorants because they’re gentle on skin and they smell really nice and fresh. I especially love the cucumber scent of this one!
  7. Toothpaste and mouthwash: Self explanatory. I picked up a whitening toothpaste and mouthwash travel size in Primark. I’ve yet to try them but for the price I’m happy to go with them for a couple a days regardless! 
  8. Contact lenses: I generally prefer wearing my contacts these days, especially if I’m going to be wearing sunglasses (more choice and it’s easier than swapping specs all day!). If we’re going on rides too, I’ll feel a lot safer wearing my lenses than my glasses! 
  9. Antibacterial wipes: My OCD dictates that after a plane journey I wipe down my tech and any other items I feel necessary. I find a pack of Carex Antibacterial wipes does the job nicely.  Update as I’m uploading this post: I’m a bloody idiot and forgot to buy them, so I’m going to pick some up at the airport instead!
Close up of my liquids bag filled with moisturiser, contact lenses, hand sanitiser, mascara, foundation and concealer.

Gadget Bag

I love my Cath Kidston gadget pouch. I picked it up in the sale a few years ago for £7 and it’s accompanied me on my last couple of holidays. I’m all for keeping my phone and other tech separate so that I can easily find it. I usually keep my phone and my headphones in here, and I keep it within easy reach in my bag in case I need it during my travels.

Close up of my Cath Kidston floral travel pouch, with my pink earphones on top. Next to it, I have a packet of mints, and a packet of chewing gum.


A no brainer, really. Sertraline, Noriday, and Mebeverine. My trio of tabs without a doubt always goes with me. Along with a couple of Imodiums too. 

Disney Ears

Again – priority! We were adamant that we wanted to get some ears to go full on Disney from the very start. However, our wonderfully lovely friend Cheryl went a few weeks before us and she brought us back a pair each so that we were fully prepared! Because of course we needed an airport selfie in them. 

My black and gold sequined Mickey Mouse ears sat on top of my Disneyland travel folder.

What goes in with your travel essentials? Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “My Travel Essentials”

    1. Thank you! It went really well – as we got off the plane we discovered it was the pilot’s first flight! Smoothest landing ever though! Disney was fabulous and I think I did pretty well considering the amount of buffets and children there – I only went through one bottle of hand sanitiser! xx

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      1. Oh no! At least you discovered that once you had landed and not as you boarded haha. That’s amazing that you managed to enjoy it 🙂 xx

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