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Stuff I Sort of Like About Myself

Most people who know me will know that I don’t particularly give myself an easy time when it comes to how I look. I’m the first person to pick out something that looks awful in a photo of me, to belittle my achievements and to dismiss anyone who says anything nice about me. So, today I thought I’d try and do something a little different. If you’ve been reading my blog regularly, you will have seen my attempts to try and be a bit more positive about myself:

Honestly, I thought there were more than that, but going back through my older posts from this year I’ve just managed to prove my point. I rarely write positive stuff about myself. So, in the spirit of attempting to be more positive, I’m going to add another post to that list today. After reading this post by Sophie from Girl Vs World, I’ve been inspired to write about things I (sort of) like about myself. I will freely admit, doing the prep for this post was bloody hard. So, as I’ve done with a few posts in the past, I poured myself a large gin and tonic before I started brainstorming. I know, it’s bad I have to get ever so slightly drunk to be positive about myself, but that’s another issue for another therapist when I can afford it. Anyway, I eventually came up with five things I like about myself, and here they are.

Me at Disneyland with Jafar, Iago and the Genie
In my happy place with the Genie, Jafar and Iago.

My Sense of Humour

This was fuelled by what was probably my favourite compliment I’ve ever been given. A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that he was discussing with another friend in our group, and they came to the conclusion that I was the funniest person in our group. And I checked, they meant funny ha-ha, not funny strange. I’m lucky that I have a small but fantastic group of friends, all with brilliant senses of humour, and I never would have put myself down as the funniest person. But over the years, my sense of humour has been something that not only has made other people laugh, but it’s become a bit of a coping mechanism when it comes to my OCD and my anxiety. 

I like to think I have quite an open sense of humour, in that I’m not easily offended by jokes that other people would consider horrific, and I appreciate quite a few different types of humour. I love dirty jokes, sick jokes, sarcastic jokes, and jokes that are just ridiculously silly. While I REALLY don’t like being laughed at for genuine things I say or things I do (some might argue there isn’t really a difference, but anyone who has ever been bullied will tell you there is), I love making people laugh through telling a story or making a sarcastic comment.

My Organisation Skills

While it can be a curse at times, my organisation skills are often the thing I big up the most when it comes to job interviews and when someone asks me what my best trait is. Seeing a nicely organised folder or a neatly filled out spreadsheet is like porn for me. I’ve always been a pretty organised person, but as an adult I’m pretty extra with it. So much to the point where one year I was given three calendars and two diaries for Christmas. Did I use them all? You’re goddamn right I did. Like I said, my organisation can also be one of my most annoying traits, but for the most part, it’s pretty useful. It means I’m always prepared, I rarely forget things, and I’m usually on top of everything. Although I’m still working on getting that box ticked when it comes to my blog…


I like my tits. There isn’t really much else said on that topic, but wearing the right top and bra I have an excellent cleavage. Due to a bit of unplanned weight loss this year I’ve gone down a cup size but honestly, aside from the fact I had to buy a shitload of new bras, it didn’t bother me too much. They still look pretty good.

My Eyes

Admittedly someone with a prescription like mine (I’m VERY short sighted) probably won’t say their eyes are their best feature, but I’m talking aesthetics more than anything else. Functionally, they’re fucked, but contact lenses and glasses sort that out for the majority of things. Anyway, I’ve always really liked my eyes, they’re big and I can do a fairly decent bit of eyeliner to make them look all fancy.

My Handwriting

One thing I’ve always liked about myself is my handwriting. I was one of the first in my class at primary school to be upgraded from a pencil to the handwriting pen (RECOGNISE) and handwriting practice was always one of my favourite lessons (even though it technically wasn’t a lesson). I can’t help but feel smug when I go back through notebooks and my ‘rough’ notes actually look neat AF.

I’m hoping that over time I can maybe add to this list, but so far, I’m pretty proud I managed to come up with 5 things! What things do you like about yourself? 

Stuff I Like About Myself Pinterest artwork

19 thoughts on “Stuff I Sort of Like About Myself”

    1. Thank you so much for reading 🙂 I’m definitely not positive and kind all of the time but I’m working on it! 😂 thank you for your lovely comment xx


  1. I love this list and wow for the handwriting! Despite being top of the class (and even skipping a year for some subjects) in primary school I was in remedial handwriting class XD

    I like that I’m compassionate and that I have empathy for other humans, I might not always understand what’s going on or why something has upset someone – but I’m always there with tissues and an awkward shoulder or hot beverage.

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  2. This list is so lovely! I’m happy you were able to come up with these 5 things & hopefully you thought of more later on. ❤ I think you are beautiful & you're right, your eyes are gorge!! Not a lot of people have a good sense of humor either so that's such a good one, too. We never had to be upgraded to a handwriting pen in school? That's so interesting! Congrats on being the first in your class! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Hunida 🙂 Ha it was a rite of passage in British schools – you used to have a pencil for the first few years and when they deemed your writing ‘good enough’ (like how bad is that??!) they’d give you a pen instead! Whether it’s still a thing I don’t know but I’m considering it one of my early achievements haha! xx

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