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January 2020 Wrap Up

Hey friends. As promised, today is going to be my first monthly wrap up of 2020. I initially set myself the goal so that I could do more things (so that I’d actually have stuff to talk about), and so I could reflect back on my goals at the end of each month to keep track of my progress. January has brought with it a few attempts at taking on some new habits as well as a slight setback in terms of my mental health, however there have been a fair few little things that have happened to make me feel positive. So, let’s get started – here’s my January in a nutshell.

January Wrap Up

What’s Been Happening

New Year, New Habits

I started January with some good intentions. I designed a routine, I wrote down my goals for the week, and I wanted it to be an equal balance of working out, housework, blogging and self care. LOL. That lasted for about two weeks. Over the last few weeks my mental health hasn’t been great (more on that later), so it meant a majority of my routine went out of the window. However, I’ve been trying not to be so hard on myself when things have slipped. Instead, I’ve just vowed to catch up if I’ve got behind on things, and to generally cut myself a bit of slack.

One thing I have stuck with though is getting back into doing my workouts. I haven’t been going as hard as I have been at the beginning of last year, but I think that’s good in a way. I’ve accepted that I don’t have the time to work out every day, and I’ve accepted that I also don’t have the time to do a full hour’s workout in the evenings too. Instead, I roughly plan my workouts on the days where I have nothing on after work, and if I can do at least half an hour, it’s all good. If I can’t manage that, ten minutes is fine too. And if I can’t manage that, it’s no big deal. I’ve started back on my Blogilates workouts, and I aim to do a Yoga with Adriene video every weekend too. My aim is for 3 workouts a week, but again, it’s no big deal if I don’t manage it.

Yoga Class

While on the subject of exercise, one thing I’m pleased with is the fact I’ve signed up for a yoga class. Lillie and I signed up for a five week beginners course and the fact that we had to pay up front for the lot has meant that we’ve kept going! I’ve been really enjoying it, and it genuinely is teaching me a few bits on my form and stuff. While I do the YWA workouts, it’s nice to have someone coaching me properly and telling me whether or not I’m doing stuff right. Unfortunately, I’ll be having to miss this week’s class as I’ve FINALLY got my butt appointment, which I’m a bit gutted about, but needs must.

Mental Health Wobble

My mental health hasn’t particularly been great these last few weeks, and I’m not really sure why. It could be any number of things I guess, but all in all, I’ve felt like crap. I’ve had no energy, I’ve been irritable, and my mood has just been at an all time low. It’s felt as though everything hit me hard – stress with my job, the fact we still haven’t found a house, and just generally feeling lonely AF. After one major breakdown last weekend I’m hoping I’m on the other side of it. Just to be safe though, I’ve decided to start a mood tracker in my journal just so I can monitor it a bit better. If things keep up as they have been, a trip to the doctors may be order, but for now I’ll just attempt to carry on. On the bright side, I created this masterpiece – not bad for a first attempt, if I do say so myself!

My February Mood Tracker

Secret Project

Okay so I can’t say too much at the moment, but I want to give a little teaser at least! If you keep up with Undercover Superhero, created by my lovely blogger friend, Ami, you may have seen that she mentioned our upcoming collab! Behind the scenes we’re working on a new project that we’re both really excited about. We’re still in the early stages, but things are coming together nicely and I can’t wait for us to share more of it with you!

Gratitude List

You may remember in a recent post I mentioned that I’ve started a gratitude list for 2020. I’m one of the most insanely pessimistic people there is, so I’ve decided to try and be a little more positive by keeping a gratitude list. To be honest, with my mental health being a bit of a struggle over January, some days it’s been more difficult than others, but I’ve still managed to come up with at least three things each day, no matter how small! I’ve also been rather excited to make use of my journal, which hasn’t really had a lot of use since I bought it 2 years ago! Here’s some of my highlights from January:

New Year’s Day naps with Tilly

Baby Yoda memes

Baby Yoda in general – I love him so much, I literally just want to give him a cuddle

Baby Yoda Gif

Alan Carr and Joe Lycett on Big Fat Quiz of the Decade – honestly never laughed so much at a panel show

Finishing the cross stitch my mother-in-law got me for Christmas:

My Drugs Cross Stitch

Joining Craft Gin Club and receiving my first box – they send you snacks and alcohol every month, what’s not to love?

Listening to the radio as I get ready in the morning (Greg James is LIFE)

Finally getting around to watching Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour on Netflix (I know, 2 years behind. However it was FLAWLESS. I cried twice).

Treating myself to this gorgeous painting of Tilly, created by PureImagiNayphun. I’m in love with it!

Painting of Tilly

Making progress in my yoga class

January in Pictures

This was a nifty little idea I came across in reading a few other blogs that I thought would be fun to try out – basically, taking a look back through my phone pictures from January! Enjoy!

Coming Up in February

So the big news for February? As I mentioned earlier, I finally received my colonoscopy appointment. Literally, I received it on the 28th, and my appointment is next Friday. So plenty of fun times to be had this weekend! However, I’m finally going to find out what’s wrong with my stomach and I am absolutely buzzing for that side of things. The tube up my butt and the immensely strong laxatives I have to take beforehand not so much.

Moving on, February also brings Valentine’s Day, and while it’s not a big deal for most people these days, for Liam and I, it’ll be our 11th anniversary. For that reason we always try and celebrate Valentine’s Day every year, so it’s something to look forward to! 

So far, that’s it for February, but hopefully if it’s a quieter month it’ll mean I can maybe work on some of my other goals I’ve set for the year. Perhaps fit in a few more workouts and maybe even try to get some baking done! 

What are your highlights from January? What are you looking forward to in February? Let me know in the comments!

Featured image by Alexa Williams on Unsplash.

15 thoughts on “January 2020 Wrap Up”

  1. I love these little wrap up posts, so nice to see what you’ve been up to. I’m sorry to hear about your mental health. I think January can be a very difficult month for most people. I’ve definitely struggled this month.

    Good luck for your colonoscopy, I hope you get some answers from it 🤞🏼

    I’m hoping February brings some brighter weather with it as it has such an impact on my mental health.

    Thank you for sharing your month with us ☺️xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, it’s definitely been a difficult month mental health wise, but hopefully I’m over the worst of it for now! Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling too – January is such a shitty month! Thank you for reading and hope February is a better month for you too 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your painting of Tilly! I plan on getting Ryan one done up of Willow for his birthday! I’m so glad you’re enjoying yoga and that you’ve found it helpful. Yes you had a wee wobble with your mental health, but I think the dark days and the sheer length of January doesn’t help matters of the head (and heart).

    Hoping Feb is equally as kind if not kinder.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so pretty isn’t it! It’s such a wonderful gift for someone too 🙂 I’d love to see the painting of Willow when you get it done! I’ve been loving yoga, I’m actually a bit sad to be having my final session this week but I’m determined to keep it up. Definitely January being a long-ass month doesn’t help things, I can’t wait for the lighter nights and the warmer weather to give me a bit of a lift. Hope February is a positive month for you too 🙂 xx


  3. I keep hearing good things about Yoga with Adriene. I gotta give the videos a shot. How fun that you’re in an actual yoga class now, too! & I LOVE your February mood tracker. ❤ The cross stitch had me crackin' up & the Craft Gin Club sounds awesome! Hope your butt appointment went well & they've figured everything out to help you feel better soon. Looking forward to this secret project!! 😀 Happy belated Anniversary!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you lovely! I would highly recommend YWA. I’ve since finished the yoga class but if I find a good enough package deal I will definitely be signing up for another! Butt appointment went fairly well – I’m planning a post about it once I get the results! Thanks for reading 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Do you have any fave videos by YWA? I’m nervous to start yoga but I want something different to do when I workout. I’ve been doing the same one for YEARS lol. Hopefully you can find another good package deal for a class. 🙂 That sounds like so much fun! & I’m happy to hear the butt appoint went well!

        Liked by 1 person

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