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Ten of the Most Badass Female Characters in TV | International Women’s Day 2020

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, so I wanted to mark the occasion with a themed post. Last year, I wrote about some of the most awesome women I admire, and this year I wanted to do something a little different. Given that I virtually do nothing else other than binge watch Netflix, I thought I’d celebrate some of the most badass female characters from my favourite TV shows. Here’s my top ten of the best female TV characters – who would make your list?

Ten of the Most Badass Female TV Characters

Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) – Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith Grey - Mental Health Quote

I think if you’ve read previous posts, you will have guessed that Meredith Grey would come in high on this list. Love her or hate her, you have to agree that she’s up there with some of the best female TV characters of all time. Over 16 years, she’s reached the top of her field because she’s let nothing stand in her way. In addition to having a successful career, she’s also managed to raise three kids and has dealt with a shit-ton of heartbreak and trauma. Over the 16 years that Grey’s has been running, she’s survived a drowning, a hospital shooting, a plane crash, a brutal attack and a bomb, to name a few things. Admittedly, she’s done a few things that are questionable over the years too, but ultimately, she does the right thing, and there’s no denying that she’s a total badass doctor.

Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) – Brooklyn Nine Nine

Amy Santiago Gif

I only discovered Brooklyn Nine Nine a few years ago but Amy Santiago very quickly became one of my favourite female TV characters. Let’s be honest, she is highly relatable to me. She loves stationery (the episode where Captain Holt loses her pen made me laugh so much because I’ve genuinely had the same reaction), she’s super organised (dat wedding folder), and I think above all, she just wants to fit in. Plus, as a drunk, she is basically me – six drinks Amy is particularly sad.

Sabrina Spellman (Melissa Joan Hart) – Sabrina the Teenage Witch

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina bullshit. For me, it’s all about this 90s nostalgia that shaped my teenage years. The original Sabrina Spellman was a goddamn icon. Her sense of style alone scores her a place in my list of the best female TV characters, but as a person, I also bloody loved her. Her sarcastic sense of humour is something I always aspired to have, particularly when it came to dealing with haters – I mean, who can forget this scene?

Sabrina Spellman - Loser Convention

Let’s also not forget that while she juggled the stress of you know, being a witch and all that, she also managed to cope with high school and all the drama of being a teenager amidst a bunch of dickheads – Mr Kraft and Libby Chessler,  I’m looking at you. 

Sabrina Spellman - Normal Quote

Roz Doyle (Peri Gilpin) – Frasier

Roz Doyle - Frasier

Frasier is and will always be my favourite sitcom of all time. While Niles was 100% my favourite character, I always had a soft spot for Roz, Frasier’s producer. Throughout it’s 11 year run, she was always full of sassy jibes and sarcastic remarks which brought plenty of laughs. Ultimately though, she was career driven, but in the later seasons still managed to smash things out of the park with her job while raising her young daughter. What I’ve always loved about Roz is how the writers didn’t try and marry her off in the show just for the sake of it. So many TV shows of that time ended with female characters getting married and going towards their ‘happily ever after’ – implying that getting married and having babies was the only acceptable way to go. However, with Roz, it didn’t end that way. She ended the show single, but she still ended up getting promoted to station manager at KACL, now running the place she’d worked at for all those years. Yaaass girl.

Dr. Elliott Reid (Sarah Chalke) – Scrubs

Elliott Reid - Scrubs

Ever since I started watching Scrubs, Elliott instantly became my favourite character. First of all, she is basically me with her whole plethora of anxieties and issues (the whole nervous pooping thing – it’s like I wrote it myself), and she’s admittedly crap with kids. As am I. In general though, she’s an amazing doctor and she’s highly career driven, especially during the earlier seasons – who else remembers her dumping her boyfriend Sean because she had to put her internship first? Also, her makeover during season three is just complete MAKEOVER GOALS. I remember frequently taking a picture of her to the hairdressers whenever I went to get my hair done, just wishing I could be half as hot as she was.

Elliott Reid - Scrubs

Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) – The Big Bang Theory

Amy Farrah Fowler - Big Bang Theory

Amy very quickly became one of my favourite characters in The Big Bang Theory, and as the later seasons progressed it was so nice to see her character develop further, particularly in the later seasons. Again, she’s another one of those characters I find highly relatable – obviously not on the academic side – but generally. The idea that she just wants to fit in, and when she becomes part of the group she’s so happy to finally have friends. There have been several points in my life where I’ve totally got that. What I also love about her is how confident she is, and especially how sassy she gets when she’s drunk. The episode where we first see her drunk is hilarious. Not to mention, the whole saga of her being Bernadette’s maid of honour:

Amy Farrah Fowler - Big Bang Theory

Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey) – Sex Education

Definitely a recent addition to my list of favourite female TV characters, Maeve Wiley was a character I instantly fell in love with. She refuses to take shit from anyone, she tries to do the right thing, she’s determined, she’s smart, and she looks out for her friends – in particular, her friendship with Aimee during season 2 especially is definitely one of the best on-screen partnerships.

Maeve Wiley - Sex Education

Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) – Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice

While I was determined not to have too many Grey’s characters in this post, I definitely wanted to give a shout out to Addison, who is one of my all time badass female characters. I’ll be honest, as a die hard Grey’s fan, I was 100% Meredith and Derek, so when Addison rocked up unannounced and you find out she cheated on Derek, I took a bit of a disliking to her. However, as the show goes on, I grew to like her – she has a sense of humour, she’s feisty, and she goddamn saves babies. When she eventually got her own show with Private Practice, you end up rooting for her and her happiness the exact same way you do Meredith. Despite the fact she enters Grey’s essentially as an enemy, she’s just one of those characters you end up loving. 

I’ll admit to a non Grey’s fan this probably makes NO sense. If that’s the case, I urge you to binge watch it at your next available opportunity. Then start on Private Practice.

Addison Montgomery - Grey's Anatomy

Dobby (Isy Suitte) – Peep Show

If you’re in the US, you may not be familiar with Peep Show, but I would urge you to check it out, especially if you love awkward and dark humour. Dobby doesn’t actually enter the show until series 5, but I instantly took a liking to her because of her sense of humour and how she’s generally a bit strange. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks either, which is something I wish I was able to do!

Dobby - Peep Show

Villanelle (Jodie Comer) – Killing Eve

Villanelle - Killing Eve

Killing Eve had to be one of my favourite shows from last year – it had me gripped from start to finish, but my favourite thing about it, hands down was Villanelle. She’s absolutely insane for one, and even though she literally goes round killing everyone in sight, you genuinely grow to love her because of her sarcasm, her sass, and the fact that she’s bloody hilarious. To be honest, I instantly knew she was a character for me in the very first scene of the first episode, where she smiles at a small child and then tips ice cream all over it. I bloody love her. Genuinely wish I had the balls to be that sassy.

Villanelle - Killing Eve

Who makes your list of the best female TV characters? Let me know in the comments!

Featured image credit: Sincerely Media on Unsplash

16 thoughts on “Ten of the Most Badass Female Characters in TV | International Women’s Day 2020”

  1. Villanelle!!! Killing Eve is one of my favorite shows! Can’t wait for season 3 to start here in April. Jodie Comer is an icon. I love Brooklyn 99 too. That’s one of the few shows my husband and I can regularly agree on! Boyle is my favorite lol


  2. Happy (belated) international women’s day! ☺️

    I love this post and I love the range from old school Sabrina to Maeve. There are some brilliant badass female characters out there that we could all learn something from ☺️

    Thanks for sharing! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is! Gina and Diaz are definitely worthy of a place on the list too – I only narrowed it down to Amy as she’s the one I relate with most but they 100% deserve an honourable mention! Thanks for reading!


    1. Haha I know what you mean, I think Meredith in a lot of cases can be quite unlikeable with some of the things she’s done! I’m actually the other way around and I’m not Christina’s biggest fan, but I do admit she was also pretty badass! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The only shows I’ve seen on this list are Scrubs & Sabrina! I haven’t seen the new Chilling Adventures but, doesn’t seem like something I’d love either. Both Elliott & Sabrina have my heart, too. ♡ If you’ve ever watch Bones, I totally think she’d make your list, too!

    Liked by 1 person

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