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An Update

So 2020 is turning out to be quite a shit-show isn’t it? I hope everyone is staying safe and that you’re following Boris’ instructions to stay the hell indoors.

This is just a quick post to say thank you to everyone for your kind messages and comments on my last post regarding this bloody awful virus. I’ve been wondering what to do with regards to my blog while all of this is going on and I’m still not 100% sure what to do right now if I’m honest.

Part of me wants to carry on as normal, sticking to my regular schedule and posting my usual content, but another part of me doesn’t feel right about doing it. On one hand I’d love to post content that will take people’s minds off this horrible situation for a few minutes, but on the other, it just feels a bit odd to be ignoring the elephant in the room while it’s literally dictating everything we all do right now.

My mental health is – as I’m sure you can imagine – very fragile right now, and while I’m feeling much better now I’m able to work from home, there are other factors that are causing my anxiety to sky rocket.

This isn’t particularly how I wanted to announce it, but over the last few weeks Liam and I have started proceedings in buying another house. Those of you who’ve followed my blog will know this is bloody huge given what happened last time and we kept things quiet up until the point we’d paid the reservation fee, and then started telling people. I can’t help feeling that we’ve now jinxed things, and I’m terrified that this virus and its effects will cause things to fall through one way or another.

So, for the next few weeks, I’m going to take a bit of time off. While I’ll still be writing content behind the scenes, I won’t be publishing anything for a bit. This is so I can have a bit more time to focus on my mental health with all of this crap going on. In addition, I’m also going to be giving my blog a bit of a spring clean too, so you’ll see a few updated posts popping up here and there too. I’ll still be reading other blog posts (I have a bloody long list of stuff I want to catch up on!) and I’ll still be responding to comments too. So again, I’ll still be there in the background.

I’m not particularly sure when I’ll be back just yet – at present I like to think it’ll be in a couple of weeks, but it might be longer. I guess it depends on how this whole isolation thing goes!

Once again I’d like to thank everyone for their support and for taking the time to read and engage with my blog. Stay safe, stay indoors and look after yourselves. See you soon x

Featured image by Anthony Tran on Unsplash.

18 thoughts on “An Update”

  1. Take all the time you need but don’t forget the community is there for you any time. My DM’s are always open (I even have WattsApp if you’re more into that)! We’re all in this together.
    Stay safe! x

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    1. Thank you lovely, that means a lot ❤ I’m hoping to be back soon as I’ve suddenly had an influx of content ideas but we’ll see how things go! Hope you’re staying safe too xxx


    1. Thank you! Yes it’s really exciting – a bit frustrating that everything’s on hold now though but I still can’t wait! Hope you’re staying safe too! x


  2. Take all the time you need! Your mental health is a priority, even if blogging is fun for you. It’s okay to take a break and focus on yourself, your family, and the new house. That’s a lot to take in during normal times, but during this crazy times, it can just rocket your anxiety times 1,000! If anything, maybe the break will spark some more creativity and then when you come back to your blog you’ll be filled with inspiration! And your readers, aka all of us, will still be here, so don’t worry ❤ Stay safe and healthy!!

    Emily |

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    1. Thank you Emily that really means a lot 🥰 In all honesty during these last couple of days I’ve had off I’ve really noticed a few more ideas popping up so fingers crossed it won’t be for long! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Hope you’re staying safe and healthy too xxx


  3. Look after yourself and take as much time as you need!

    I’m so so sorry to hear about your house situation. I’d imagine the government will be trying to get the economy back up ASAP so try not to worry too much 🤞🏼 it’ll be a great anecdote for your first house party 😆

    Hope to see you back soon ❤️xx

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    1. Thank you lovely ❤ I’m hoping they take all of this into account as I know everyone’s in the same boat at the moment! Just trying to take it one day at a time for now.
      Thanks for reading/commenting 🙂 xxx

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