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March 2020 Wrap Up

Well, better late than never. Things are a little late with my March wrap up given that I took a bit of a blogging break given the old Corona situation. Let’s be honest, when it comes to what’s happened in March, it’s all been a bit shit. The beginning of March didn’t seem too bad, things stayed pretty normal to begin with. For about a week anyway. So, my March wrap up consists mainly of things that have happened pre-lockdown, but there’s also a couple of extras in there.

March Wrap Up

What’s Been Happening

Josh Widdicombe

As you may recall in my last wrap up, March was meant to be our stand-up heavy month. First on the agenda was Josh Widdicombe, who we went to see in Swindon. It was our first time seeing him, and we were lucky enough to have front row seats. It was a really funny show, and it was a nice bit of relief from everything that was going on. Ivo Graham, who was the support act, was also really good too.

Ed Byrne

Next on our stand-up list was Ed Byrne, who we’d seen many times before, and he’d always been hilarious. However, this particular show was just over a week before the lockdown was put in place, and I wasn’t really thrilled that it was still going ahead. While the show itself was bloody hilarious and I genuinely laughed quite a lot, my regular readers will be aware of an incident that happened alongside this event, involving a woman who was clearly unwell and who shouldn’t have been there, which caused me to cry my eyes out during the interval. It was such a shame that what was a great gig was ruined by someone who was too selfish to stay at home, but that’s the general public I guess.


I don’t want to give too much attention to this huge elephant in the room, but it’s hard to avoid. Up until the 17th March, things were pretty much normal, but since then I’ve been working from home, which has actually really helped to start with. I’m actually quite enjoying remote working at the moment – probably because I’m not having to endure that filthy ass kitchen and toilet in my office. It’s also nice having no commute to deal with as well, having an extra hour means that I can get a decent workout in and perhaps even a bit of cleaning. So it’s not all bad!

Sadly, our final stand-up show, which was Iain Stirling, was postponed. To be honest, the relief I felt was insane! It’s been rescheduled for next year, so hopefully all of this crap will be over by then. Please.

Making Use of Video Chats

I don’t think I’ve ever used video chatting apps in my life more than I have these last few weeks. I haven’t seen my mum in person since the 29th February, which also means I haven’t had cuddles with Daisy since then either. Thankfully, Facebook Messenger’s video call app has been a godsend and we’ve been having weekly chats which have helped massively. It’s of course not the same as going round there for a cup of tea and a bitching session, but it’s helping for now. 

Mental Health

It’s no surprise that recent events have caused my OCD to go to utter shit lately. Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic. But I haven’t been doing all that well. There’s been a lot of crying, a lot of handwashing, and a lot of desperation. Looking at my mood tracker, it doesn’t look all too bad in hindsight, but I think that’s because my mood has been all over the place. At work I’ve been really struggling, but as soon as I’ve got home into my safe space, I’ve been much better. And of course since the whole working from home thing, my mood appears to have stabilised a bit more. I’m definitely better through working from home, however my worry has now transferred to what’s going to happen when this lockdown ends and how I’ll cope. At the moment though, it’s just a case of taking it one day at a time, and I think that’s the case for most of us.

March Mood Tracker

Gratitude List

Bloody hell – coming up with a gratitude list when the world is in the middle of a global pandemic is hard. I’ve still been trying hard to come up with little things that I’m grateful for, but to say that it’s been easy would be lying. I sound like an ungrateful little bitch but on some days it’s been like I’ve been really scraping the barrel. However, I’ve still managed to come up with a few things I’m grateful for this month:

Dinner and games at a friends’ house pre-lockdown. Drank a lot of wine and had a rather lovely vegetable curry. 

Greg James was the guest announcer on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. I love Greg.

I went to see my grandparents before the lockdown was put in place and it was really nice to see them and catch up.

Finally getting to work from home.

Video chatting with Mum and Daisy.

Family FaceTime with Mum & Daisy

My bulk pack of hand sanitiser finally arrived (don’t worry, I’m not stockpiling – I have it on subscribe and save and it was meant to arrive 3 weeks ago).

Video chatting with Lillie.

Having a lockdown date night with Liam. We played card games and got very drunk.

Having a good catch up with my Dad on the phone. 

I was offered some freelance work through one of the clients I’ve been dealing with at work.

March in Pictures

Coming Up in April

Well, this is all a bit awkward. Given that as I’m writing this we’re now halfway through April and currently still in lockdown. To be honest, we didn’t have much planned for April, so in a way I guess that’s good. We had tickets for Joel Dommett booked at the end of the month but of course that’s been postponed until next year. At the moment, I’m going to try getting back into a routine with my blog, do some more workouts and of course stay the hell at home.

What were your highlights from March? Let me know in the comments!

Featured image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

9 thoughts on “March 2020 Wrap Up”

    1. Oh bless you, I feel your pain. While I’m not showering more frequently I’m definitely washing my hands more and they’re really starting to get sore. I need to leave the house at some point as it’s been far too long but I fear that by doing that I’ll start a cycle where I feel I’ll need to shower after every outing/trip to the supermarket etc. Stay safe ❤ x


  1. Aw I love this post and your use of a tracker in your journal. I find that doodling in my bullet journal and keeping a list of everything I’m grateful for really helps me too. I have a blog post coming at the end of April thats similar to this, listing all the happy things thats happened in the month. Like yours, they’re sometimes only little things but they can sometimes be the things we easily forget – especially in these uncertain, crazy times. Stay safe and stay positive lovely. Hannah (www.hannahshappyhour.com) xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really helps doesn’t it! I’ve definitely been finding that creating my BuJo spreads has been really therapeutic these last few weeks. Thank you for reading and commenting lovely 🙂 Stay safe xx


    1. Thanks Nyxie, I must admit that I’m feeling much better for working from home, and I’m so grateful that I have the option to. I ventured outside for the first time in a month yesterday and it was very difficult but I think it did me some good at least! Lots of love to you and thanks for reading xxx


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