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My Top 5 Beauty Essentials | Spring 2020

If you read my post in December where I shared my favourite winter beauty essentials, you’ll know that I’ve set myself the goal of investing in some better beauty products to help my disgusting, acne ridden skin, and also, to just invest a little bit more in some self care, which I’ve been lacking in. Of course over the last few weeks for obvious reasons, I’ve not particularly been wearing much makeup, but I’ve still been trying my best to make sure that I’m carrying out a good enough skincare routine. Over the last few months I’ve been trying out a few new products and to follow on from my winter beauty essentials post, today I’m going to share my five favourites for spring. 

Beauty Essentials Spring 2020

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for any of the brands mentioned in this post. All products were purchased with my own money and all views are my own. 

Superdrug Vitamin C Gel Moisturiser

I’ve heard rave reviews about Superdrug’s own range of beauty products so when I saw their Vitamin C range, the idea of soft, citrusy goodness being rubbed into my skin every morning was certainly one I wanted to get on board with. This lovely light gel moisturiser is infused with vitamin C and Kakadu plum and Goji berry extracts, and grapefruit, promising to detoxify your skin and leave it feeling fresh. The first thing I instantly loved about this product was the scent – it’s amazing! The grapefruit is a really uplifting scent and makes the product a really good one to use as part of your morning skincare routine. The texture is really light and soft and it’s absorbed really quickly but without leaving your skin feeling too dry. I’ve been applying it before my makeup and I’ve found that it really helps keep my skin feeling soft throughout the day. If I’m honest, I’m yet to see any detoxifying effects – my skin is still spotty AF – but I don’t think I’ve used it for long enough to see real results just yet. Plus, I only tend to use it when I wear makeup as it means that my skin doesn’t feel too heavy with it all on. Let’s be honest, I haven’t been wearing much makeup lately, and I tend to use a much thicker moisturiser on a makeup free day just to give my skin a bit more nourishment. Overall though, I’m really impressed with this so far and I’m planning on using it a bit more frequently, even on the makeup free days to see if I can see some results for my acne ridden face. Plus, at £4.99, it’s a bargain. 

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm & Cleansing Butter

I’ve seen this one popping up in my fellow bloggers’ posts recently so when I used my last makeup remover wipe I decided to invest in this. This was one of the steps I’ve taken to become more eco-friendly, as I’ve felt awful for still using makeup wipes for so long! We all know that The Body Shop’s products are cruelty free, and their Camomile Cleansing Balm uses camomile extract from Norfolk to create this rich and soothing balm. It’s a little bit more expensive than your usual micellar water and such, but oh my god it’s worth it. Plus, it lasts AGES. I bought this originally at the beginning of February, and I still have a fair amount left. Just a small amount is enough to remove every single scrap of makeup and as gross as it may seem, it’s incredibly satisfying smearing this all over your face and ruining the shit out of your makeup before washing it all off. The smell of this is really subtle but it’s quite soothing on your skin and even removes eye makeup without any irritation. They advise to use a muslin cloth to rinse this off but I’ve been using just normal face cloths and my reusable bamboo makeup pads, and both seem to do the trick really well. My skin feels so soft and fresh afterwards too, and because it’s much better at removing makeup than your average face wipes or a cotton wool pad, while my skin is still quite spotty, I’ve definitely noticed an improvement overall. I honestly would recommend this to everyone – hands down it’s one of my favourite products right now!

Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Concealer – CO.1

You may remember from last week I went on a bit of a shopping bender with Revolution makeup. Well, that all started as a result of this particular product. My regular readers will know that I’m especially conscious of dark circles under my eyes, so my journey to find a decent enough concealer is often one I document regularly. I’m pleased to say that the Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Concealer is a bloody close contender. I’m using CO.1, which is “for fairest skin with pink undertones,” and it’s amazing. It’s really lightweight and blends really well with the Conceal & Hydrate Foundation. It’s infused with Hyaluronic Acid, which aims to hydrate the skin and it claims to counteract dark circles, cover blemishes and even out skin tone. I bought this back in February and I’m so impressed with it – it covers the dark circles under my eyes incredibly well and it’s also really good at covering up the acne on my cheeks. It comes in a whole load of different shades too, so chances are you’ll be able to find a good match for you. Let’s be honest, if someone as pale as me can find a matching shade, you’ve pretty much got a fair chance!

Superdrug Vitamin E SPF15 Moisturising Cream

Another one of Superdrug’s own brand products I decided to try was their Vitamin E Moisturising Cream. While the site advertises it as a day cream, I’ve generally been using this as a night cream and on days when I’m not wearing any makeup, as it’s quite a bit thicker. This cream is designed to provide 24 hours of moisturisation and the vitamin E means it’s high in antioxidants which help to protect the skin against environmental damage and UVA and UVB rays. It has a really gentle scent that’s quite soothing, and a little bit goes a long way. I always find after I apply this before bed I wake up and my skin feels lovely and soft and fresh. I’d definitely recommend it, and it’s only £3.99, so again, it’s a bargain!

TIGI Bed Head Small Talk Hair Volumizing Styling Cream

You’ve probably realised from this post that I’m a sucker for anything that smells nice, and the Small Talk Volumizing Styling Cream from TIGI’s Bed Head range is one of my favourite scents. My hair is always stupidly thin and fine, and the tiniest bit of moisture causes it to flatten and look awful. I noticed my hairdresser using this particular product pretty much every time she did my hair, and the smell is AMAZING. It does the trick too – actually giving my hair extra volume and texture. While the TIGI products are normally quite pricey, I picked this up in B&M for £6.99 and was buzzing. It’s really easy to use, just a small amount onto damp hair followed by blow drying as you would normally is enough to give fine hair a bit of a boost, and you’ll be smelling the lovely fruity scent all day long. A tiny amount goes a long way too, and it doesn’t leave your hair greasy either. In addition to finding it in B&M, you can also pick it up on Amazon and other beauty sites too for virtually half the price you’d find it in salons too.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? I’m always open to recommendations for new things to try so if there are any beauty products you’re loving at the moment, let me know in the comments!

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash.

18 thoughts on “My Top 5 Beauty Essentials | Spring 2020”

    1. It smells amazing! I have that one in my drawer ready to go actually! Still using up my current one but I was so impressed with the gel moisturiser I thought I’d try the serum as well. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 xx


  1. I really need to clear out my beauty products and get new ones. I rarely use anything other than the usual, so body lotions etc are all gifted from Christmas etc. You’ve listed some lovely sounding stuff here, so I’ll have to get on Amazon to treat myself 🙂

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  2. Thank you for sharing! I was about to order some face wipes but you’ve convinced me to try the body shop butter 😆 I love trying out new products but my face is so sensitive I tend to stick to what I know 😆xx

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