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My Favourite Blogilates Workouts

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that when it comes to working out, my go-to is always Blogilates. I discovered Blogilates back in 2018, when, after I decided that I didn’t want to run in all weathers, I opted for some indoor workouts. I had a Davina McCall DVD that I would use on a daily basis, but it got a bit too repetitive. So, after a few recommendations about Cassey Ho (aka. Blogilates), I decided to give Pop Pilates a try. Two years later, I’ve never looked back, and today I’m still working through her calendars.

Admittedly, since starting my new job (it’s hardly new at this point, but you know what I mean), the 40 minute commute home every day started to mean that I never had time to exercise any more, even when it came to a quick HIIT workout. However, the very, very tiny silver lining of the current lockdown situation is that I now have some extra time to do some exercise. Given that I’m now working from home, I’m able to dive straight into a workout which is doing wonders for my mental health. Is it fixing my OCD while it’s currently in overdrive? Not really. But, it’s helping with my stress and for the hour or so that I’m working out, I’m focusing on something else. So today, I’ve decided to put together my list of my favourite Blogilates workouts. Whether you’re just discovering the joys of Pop Pilates for the first time, or you’re a fan of hers already, hopefully this post will help you to discover your next workout.

Favourite Blogilates Workouts

About Blogilates

If you have no idea what I’m banging on about, let me enlighten you. Blogilates is the number one female fitness channel on YouTube. It was created by Cassey Ho, who combines classic pilates moves together with modern pop music, creating Pop Pilates. Since she uploaded her first video in 2009, her channel has over 500 million video views and over 4 million subscribers – including me!

I love Cassey’s workouts. I won’t lie, they’re bloody difficult at times, but if you told pathetic little thirteen year old me that she’d be enjoying exercise as an adult, she’d have laughed. And probably cried, because doing exercise was impossible without being accompanied by the ‘Plastics’ laughing at me and jeering that I was pathetic because I couldn’t catch a ball.

I don’t want to play the sad little bullied kid card, but bullying was the number one reason why I hated PE so much as a kid, and I never thought I’d be a fitness person. Ever. However, Cassey’s workouts have helped me to discover that I’m actually good at something fitness related. While I end up flopping around like a disgusting sweaty fish during most of them while she still looks flawless, since I first started Blogilates two years ago, I’ve noticed a huge improvement. During her videos, she talks to you like a friend and she’s incredibly supportive, actually making you believe that you can do the crazy ass moves she’s telling you to.

I always used to think that I’d never find an exercise that I enjoyed. But, thanks to the world of Blogilates, I’ve realised that Pop Pilates is definitely something I enjoy. While I often get frustrated at moves I can’t do and I end up so sore the next day I can’t even hoist my butt down onto the toilet, I feel like I’m making progress and that I’ve actually accomplished something each time I complete one of her videos. When I did them throughout 2018, I noticed a change in my body and how it looked within a few months, and I was so proud of myself. Once the issues with my stomach started, the constant tiredness meant that I wasn’t working out as much, and combined with a huge lack of time, it just didn’t seem feasible anymore. However, since the lockdown started, and the fact that my anxiety is at an all time high, it seems like now is as good a time as ever to get back into them.

Tilly Modelling on My Yoga Mat
Tilly modelling my yoga mat.

Ten of the Best Blogilates Workouts

Total Body Stretch

This one I think has to be my all time favourite Blogilates workout. Focusing mainly on stretching and relaxation, this one always makes me feel so calm and chilled. While some of the stretches are quite difficult if you’re a beginner, the more you do them, the more relaxed you’ll feel each time. I love the music that features in this one too, it’s so calming and really helps if you’re feeling particularly stressed.

Sore-y Not Sorry Ab Challenge

This was the first Blogilates workout that I discovered, and while it’s insanely difficult if you’re doing it for the first time, it’s quick and it’s effective. Set to Demi Lovato’s Sorry Not Sorry, this will have your abs burning, but by the end of it you’ll be feeling amazing. Plus, let’s not forget that Sorry Not Sorry is an absolute banger, and it’s all about confidence. 

Quick Sweat Cardio Beat

When it comes to working out, I bloody HATE cardio. However, I really like this workout. This is a short and sweet workout that Cassey promises to be “apartment friendly” (basically, no jumping). I’ll let you into a secret, if you’re like me and you hate cardio, go for the apartment friendly workouts. They’re still ridiculously hard to do, but they’re definitely better than jumping around and doing burpees to the point where you almost pass out. This workout is done to the beat of the music, so it’s almost like a dance workout. This is a really good one for a warm-up, or if you’re like me and crappy at cardio, it’s a really good one for getting you started.

Butt Lifting and Thigh Sculpting Workout

This is a super quick and super easy workout that’s really good for beginners. It’s designed to sculpt and tone your butt and inner thighs, and there’s loads of modifications that can be done if you’re struggling. This is one of the Blogilates workouts that I go back to pretty regularly, because even though it’s a simpler one, it’s still really effective and I always feel sore the next day!

Belly Bloat Blaster

IBS regularly means that I experience bloating, and this is one of my favourite workouts to ease it and get things feeling a bit smoother. It’s not particularly easy but it’s really good for your abs and it definitely gets easier over time. 

Insane Weightless Arm Workout

Coming in a close second behind cardio when it comes to workouts that I hate, it’s arms. Mainly because my piss weak stick arms are useless and I fear they’re so weak they may snap at times. However, I really like this one. It uses no weights, no equipment, and you don’t do a single push-up. I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but it’s quick and I always feel like my arms and shoulders are super toned afterwards. 

Feel My Arms Still Challenge

Another one of the rare arms workouts that I actually enjoy, although it’s quite a tough one! In this one, Cassey and her sister Jackelyn go through a workout to Feel it Still by Portugal the Man that targets your shoulders, biceps and chest. I won’t lie, it bloody hurts but it feels so good after, and it’s nice and quick so it’s good to do if you’re short on time. 

Fat Burning Cardio Warm-Up

This is another one I’d recommend if you’re like me and not a fan of cardio. Only five minutes long, this one is a really good warm-up to get you ready for the rest of your workout, but it’s also quite good if you want to do some gentle cardio too. The moves are quite easy to do, and there’s no jumping either, which is always a bonus. 

Bridal Booty

In 2018, Cassey created her Bridal Bootcamp series to help brides-to-be get in shape for their wedding. I actually quite enjoyed all of the workouts in this series but my favourite had to be Bridal Booty. In 10 minutes, you go through 10 moves, all at a minute each and while the time frame of it all is quite intense if you’re a beginner (10 minutes, no breaks between moves) the moves themselves are actually quite simple.

Ultimate Hot Body Workout

I’ll say right now that I don’t really recommend this one if you’re a beginner, but what I will say is that the accomplishment you feel at the end of it is AMAZING. This one does it all: abs, butt, thighs and arms. It’s VERY high reps and it’s bloody difficult, but the first time I completed the whole thing I felt so good. I was sore AF the next day though, so make sure you stretch properly afterwards!

Have you tried any Blogilates workouts? What did you think? While I’ve been doing Pop Pilates for a while now I’d love to try similar workouts, so if there are any fitness channels on YouTube that you’d recommend, let me know in the comments!

Featured image by cottonbro from Pexels. All views are my own.

22 thoughts on “My Favourite Blogilates Workouts”

    1. Her workouts are so good! They’re not exactly easy but they’re really effective and you always feel so good afterwards! Thanks for reading xx


  1. I’ve never heard of Blogilates or Pop Pilates, but I did do a combination yoga/pilates/tai-chi fitness class ay my loval gym a few years ago. I loved it! But sadly gave it up when my depression hit me like a ton of bricks, and it’s no longer available there. This looks like it would appeal to me though – especially the apartment friendly workouts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry to hear that, it’s such a shame that they no longer do it too! I would definitely recommend Blogilates – I feel that being able to do them in the comfort of your own home makes a difference too. Thanks for reading! xx


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