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April 2020 Wrap Up

It feels like not that long ago I was publishing my March wrap up, but I guess that’s because I got it out there pretty late. As I write this post, it’s day 37 of lockdown in the UK, and it’s pretty much become the norm now, much to everyone’s dismay. I remember saying last month that March was a bit shit, but at least for a bit of March we were able to have a tiny bit of normality. I debated whether or not to do an April wrap up, given that much hasn’t really been going on, but when I sat down to plan this post, a few things came to mind that I could talk about. So, grab your gin and let’s find out what’s been happening this April.

April Wrap Up 2020

What’s Been Happening

Coronavirus Fucked it All Up

I don’t want to dwell too much on this bastard of a virus because I think it’s dominated enough of our lives for too long. However, I feel I should at the very least address the elephant in the room. The whole country descended into lockdown from the end of March, so April has been spent working from home and adapting to a whole new normal. And it’s shit. However, staying home and not seeing our loved ones is a small price to pay if it means we get out of this pandemic quicker and we keep the NHS running, so it’s what we need to do right now. It still angers me seeing the amount of utter twats who are having family gatherings and not bothering to listen to the social distancing guidelines, as I’m sure it does many of us. I really miss my Mum, I miss Daisy cuddles, and I miss going for drinks with my friends – but I’m staying home. The sooner we all do the same, the sooner we hopefully can get back to normal.

We’re Buying a House

Okay so this one is a bit of a lie in that we actually started this all in March. I mentioned it very briefly a few weeks ago but in all honesty, I was stressing majorly and I didn’t really want to think about it. I’m still very anxious about the whole thing and worrying a bit about things falling through, especially after what happened last time combined with the current climate. At the moment, everything is on pause – things can’t move forward until the surveyors can value the house at least, and we can’t even sign the forms from the solicitors as we need witnesses. Of course finding witnesses would be breaking the rules, so we’re sitting tight for now and hoping that things pick up once the lockdown gets lifted.

Rediscovered Blogilates Workouts

One of the benefits of the lockdown most definitely has been the fact that I’ve had more time to exercise. The fact we’re not spending 40 minutes in the car to work there and back each day has meant I have a lot more time after I finish work, so I can jump straight into a workout. If you read my last post, you’ll know that I’ve been loving Blogilates workouts and I’ve started going through her monthly calendars again. It really helps with stress and I feel so much better for doing it.

Finished Gilmore Girls

I started watching Gilmore Girls over a year ago and only managed to finish it last week – I know, very late to the party and a poor attempt at binge watching. It was one of those shows I’d tried to watch a few times but I just couldn’t get into it, so when I started last year I was determined to finish it. It’s taken me so long because I’ve only been watching it when doing the ironing – reason being because when I’m ironing I end up being fully engrossed in it rather than getting the urge to scroll through my phone. I’m so glad I stuck with Gilmore Girls as it was amazing! I love the whole mother-daughter thing and it reminds me of me and my Mum when I was growing up. Not going to lie, I’m not the biggest fan of Rory though!

The Mandalorian

You’ll be well familiar with my recent obsession with Baby Yoda – and in April we finally got around to watching The Mandalorian. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of Star Wars, so until I discovered Baby Yoda I had no interest in watching it. It was a nice compromise for me and Liam – he got to watch something he was interested in and I got to enjoy Baby Yoda’s cuteness. Also, NGL, Mando is a bit of a DILF.

Bullet Journalling

Continuing my spaight of buying random shit on Amazon that I don’t need, I decided to treat myself to a brand new bullet journal and pens, in the hope that it would motivate me further to work on my blog. I went for the Leuchtturm 1917 in yellow and a set of Unipen drawing liners and complete with my trusty coloured fineliners, I’ve really upped by BuJo game. I’m still quite shaky with the layouts, but I think given this is my first proper BuJo attempt, I’m quite pleased! Here’s a snap of my April layout: 

April Bullet Journal Layout

I’ve also been working on a different style for May too – I generally prefer the April lettering to what I’ve done here, but I’m quite pleased with the birthday theme!

May Bullet Journal Layout

Mental Health

I’m not really sure where I am mental health wise at the moment. I’ve had quite a few down days this month and my OCD seems to have gotten a bit worse. I’ve managed to leave the house though which I’m pleased I managed to do. Liam and I went for a walk and it was nice to get some fresh air, although I had to resist the urge to change my clothes afterwards and I felt incredibly anxious every time we passed another person. While we followed the social distancing rules, that still didn’t stop my anxiety from soaring each time we sighted someone. I’m considering getting back into Couch to 5K again as it’ll mean that I go out each day and that I’m still getting exercise at the same time. I won’t lie, I’m a bit concerned over how my OCD will be when the lockdown starts to be lifted, but I’m trying not to dwell on it too much at the moment – the more I work myself up over it, the worse it’ll be when the time comes!

Just as a side note, my mood tracker for April was horrendous, and where I’ve had a lot of low days, I unfortunately haven’t been filling it in much, so I’ve not included it in this month’s wrap up!

Gratitude List

While my mood tracker took a backseat this month, I’ve still been trying to keep up with my gratitude list and focus on the little things that I’m grateful for. Here’s a handful of my gratitude picks for April. 

Facebook Messenger and Zoom – video calls have been keeping me and countless others going these last few weeks. I’ve actually been more social in the last few weeks than I have in a long time!

Having a long weekend for Easter and generally having a nice time despite the circumstances!

My lovely friend Beth sent me a little gift to cheer me up over the Easter weekend and it was full of little pamper treats, along with a little bottle of gin that was just fabulous!

Gin Gift From Beth

Playing Jimmy Carr’s Little Tiny Quiz of the Lockdown each week. If you’re a fan of the yearly Big Fat Quiz of the Year, you’ll love it!

It was Daisy’s birthday on the 21st April, and my Mum sent me a video of her opening her presents and it was just the cutest thing ever!

Daisy with her Birthday Presents

Starting the new season of Grey’s Anatomy.

Lillie sent me a card to cheer me up as well – not only did it make me laugh but it brightened my day. 

Unicorn Card From Lillie

Tilly snoring while she naps. It’s just the cutest sound. 

I received an early birthday present from my amazing friend Cheryl – a bottle of Mermaid Gin. It’s so pretty and it tastes amazing!

Mermaid Pink Gin

The “Cats Being Dicks to Children” thread on Twitter – if you love cats and don’t like kids, it’s the thread for you and it’s hilarious.

Month in Pictures

Coming Up Next Month

Well, at the end of April, the lockdown was extended for three more weeks. I was quite upset at the news as it meant a lockdown birthday for me next month, but I’m aware there has been, and still will be loads of people in the same situation. Hopefully the lockdown will be lifted towards the end of May – or at least enough for us to see our loved ones! Other than that, not much else is likely to happen at this rate, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty to report on!

How has your April been? Let me know in the comments!

Featured image by Jasmine Waheed on Unsplash. This post contains no affiliate links and all views are my own.

16 thoughts on “April 2020 Wrap Up”

  1. Fingers crossed for the house 🤞🏼 At least everyone’s in the same boat! Glad to hear that you’re getting through each day with your mental health. You’ll come out of this stronger, I’m sure ☺️xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I know, I feel like I’m walking on eggshells with it – I just want some definite confirmation that it’s happening before I can feel excited! I really hope I come out stronger too – it’s hard to see past the current situation at the moment though so I’m trying to take it each day at a time. Thank you for reading 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your life IS exciting even though COVID-19 may have fucked it up… yes, I can swear too given the context. 😅 I love how you displayed your April photos on your blog – such a creative idea and I have no idea how you did it, but I really like it. Buying a house can be intimidating but it is also very exciting at the same time! We are hoping to buy a house at the end of the year once the rent contract expires.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I really need to work on curbing the swearing 😂 Thank you so much – I just use the gallery option on the WordPress editor rather than uploading them all separately, I’ve only recently discovered it! Good luck with your house hunt! It takes a lot out of you but it’s so worth it in the end! Thank you for reading 🙂 xx


  3. Good luck with buying a house! Myself and partner want to buy a house but we are waiting a bit longer and plus I was looking at new jobs so would love that to happen before we move out! I think we just take each day at a time right now, my emotions and health have been all over the place but we will get through this together 🙂 Also I love writing gratitude lists and focusing on the positives as much as possible! Great post xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know that feeling, I really had to have a think about what was more important – the house or the job. Ultimately I went with the house because it’s something we’ve both wanted and if I stay in my job a little longer it’ll benefit me in the long run. Absolutely agree with you on the emotions thing – taking it one day at a time is the best thing we can all do right now 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting xx


  4. Gilmore Girls is fantastic! I’m glad you finally managed to finish it, it’s definitely worth it 🙂 Rory is one of those characters who definitely gets worse as the show goes on (in my opinion). Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I’m glad it’s not just me! I didn’t mind her at first but towards the end she just made me so angry 😂 I haven’t got around to watching the revival episodes yet but they’re on my list! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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