Craft Gin Club Box - June 2020
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Craft Gin Club Subscription Box Review | June 2020

The arrival of my Craft Gin Club delivery is probably my favourite part of the month. My god, what a sad little life, Jane. Although, we’re currently on day 1 million of lockdown. Drinking is all I have. Anyway, last month I decided to start reviewing my monthly gin club deliveries, and today is my second instalment. June’s box is inspired by nostalgic summer days at the British seaside, so let’s see what it featured.

Craft Gin Club Review - June 2020

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for Craft Gin Club, and have not been compensated in any way for this post. My gin subscription is ordered and paid for out of my own money and all opinions are my own.

What’s in the Box?

Dartmouth English Gin

Lixir Tonic Water – Lemon & Elderflower flavour and Blood Orange & Cinnamon flavour

Darling Spuds Hand Cooked Potato Crisps – Somerset cheddar and onion flavour

Pedrino Vermouth and Tonic Spritz

Joe & Seph’s James Bond Dry Martini Gourmet Popcorn

Soda Folk Cherry

Knickerbocker Glory Cocktail Syrup

Lime and cardamom garnish

Dartmouth English Gin

June’s craft gin is this delightful tipple that originates from Dartmouth and won the 2018 Craft Distillers’ Gin of the Year Award. Crafted with botanicals such as juniper, coriander, liquorice, cardamom and kaffir lime leaf, it’s packed with fresh flavours. The bottle itself is also really pretty too – it has seahorses on it! – so I will be keeping this one for a decorative display in my new kitchen (when we eventually move). 

This gin was quite an interesting one to sample – initially you can really smell the spiced notes, but as you sip it you’re hit with a few citrusy notes too such as sweet orange, lemon and grapefruit. I often find the gins with spiced notes can be quite hit and miss, but this I think with this one it really works. 

Lixir Tonic Water

Lixir tonic water is an award winning brand that was created by former bartenders, so I had high hopes. I was sent two flavours of the Lixir tonic water – lemon and elderflower and blood orange and cinnamon. The magazine’s G&T recipe advises you to make it with the lemon and elderflower flavour, which was really light and refreshing and paired well with the citrus notes in the Dartmouth English Gin. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of the garnish for this one though, just because the cardamom was a little bit too perfumey for my taste.

Later on I tried the blood orange and cinnamon flavour with the gin on its own too. I was a little dubious of the cinnamon flavour – I love it in a cake, but I’m not sure about tonic – but actually, I was pleasantly surprised. It paired really well with the blood orange in the gin itself, and the cinnamon wasn’t too overpowering either. I’m not sure I could drink multiple ones though as I think it might get a bit sickly! 

Pedrino Vermouth & Tonic Spritz

You know me, any pre-mixed tipple is always a win in my book. Although, I don’t particularly get on very well with vermouth. Needless to say though, I was happy to give this one a try. Personally, I didn’t not like it, but I didn’t love it either. It reminded me a bit of Lambrini and other various forms of cheap sparkling wine. I still drank it – as I mentioned in my last box review, I don’t like to waste booze – but I don’t think I’ll be having another one any time soon. 


I hate to say it, but in all honesty, I wasn’t that impressed with the snacks this month. I normally love a bag of crisps but cheese and onion flavour really isn’t my thing so these have been put in the miscellaneous snacks cupboard and will be eaten either when we have guests or when I’m horrifically drunk. At this rate I’m sure we all know what will happen first. In addition, I’m really not a fan of flavoured popcorn either, so the idea of martini flavoured popcorn genuinely makes me feel a bit queasy. I can barely stomach toffee popcorn let alone fancy alcohol based flavours. I’m sure it’s lovely, but I’m going to pass. I’ll just stick with sweet or salted. 

The Cocktail: Knickerbocker Glory

I was buzzing when I read about this month’s cocktail, as it’s inspired by the classic summer treat – you guessed it – the Knickerbocker Glory. The syrup smelt AMAZING – just like vanilla ice cream – and when mixed with the Soda Folk Cherry creates a cocktail that reminds you of summer desserts. I’ll be honest, while the cocktail was lovely, it was also quite sickly. I got two out of the ingredients I’d been sent and that was enough for me. The Soda Folk Cherry was quite rich too, so it’s not something I’d want to be drinking all evening! Still, I think it made quite a nice cocktail for a summer evening. 

Final Thoughts

While I really liked this month’s gin, I feel the extras let the side down a bit this month, which was a shame. I’m not saying they were bad, but they weren’t really my cup of tea. Perhaps if they’d sent a different flavour crisps I’d feel different! Thankfully though, the gin itself and the tonics work really well together, so it’s not all bad news. Still, you can’t win them all though, so I’ll still be looking forward to July’s box. 

Overall Rating for June’s Box: 6/10

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27 thoughts on “Craft Gin Club Subscription Box Review | June 2020”

    1. They’re quite generous with what they send each month that’s for sure! It was very nice as a one-off treat but a little bit sickly so I don’t think I could manage more of them! Thanks for reading 🙂 x


    1. It really is! This is probably the only box so far I’ve not been 100% impressed with, but overall they’re normally pretty good and send some lovely stuff! Thanks for reading! x


  1. I have been waiting for this! I love these reviews haha. Still very jelous you get these boxes! Shame about the snacks though! 😦 I had to Google Knickerbocker Glory was, man that looks delish! In booze form? I wanna try it!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I’m glad you’re enjoying them! My July one is apparently on the way! Knickerbocker Glories are absolute HEAVEN – booze form or otherwise! Thanks for stopping by xxx


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