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A Very Last Minute Hiatus

I wasn’t particularly expecting to write this post so soon, but if 2020 has been anything, it’s been utterly batshit crazy. Earlier this year I mentioned that we had started proceedings into buying another house, and things just started moving again when coronavirus took a massive shit on all of our lives.

I’ll tell you about it properly at some point, but for now I’ll give you the shortened version. We got official confirmation that things were on hold once we went into lockdown, and we pretty much heard nothing right up until July. Then, all of a sudden, things picked up again. Fast forward to Monday of this week, where we were told that we had officially completed.

The good news?


The bad news?

We’re aiming to be out of here in two weeks. So that’s my free time gone for the forseeable.

Obviously, I’m not complaining – after a long ass slog full of tears and arguments (obviously all mine), we have a house, and that’s amazing. I’m a homeowner – LOL WTF. However, it’s meant that I’m having to take a step back from my blog for the time being.

I’m gutted to be having to take some time away as my blog has kept me sane through lockdown, and I love keeping in touch with the blogging community. However, I have to be realistic. Our evenings are now going to be full of packing and driving stuff over to the new place, while also cleaning up this place and everything else that needs sorting. Had I known we would be completing so quickly, I would have spent July putting together enough content to see me through, but I didn’t want to jinx things.

I’d love to say I’m only going to be out of action for a week or so, but at the moment I’m not sure. It genuinely stresses me out that I’ll be missing out the content I’d initially planned, but I think in hindsight if I try and do EVERYTHING, I’m going to end up in a worse state than I already am.

So, it’s goodbye for now unfortunately. Well not goodbye, more of a “see you later.” I’ll be hovering in the background every now and again, and with a bit of luck I’ll be able to keep up to date with what everyone else is doing. I will do my best to respond to comments when I can, but please be patient with me!

My aim is to be back up and running by September, so fingers crossed I’ll be back with you then! Stay safe everyone, I’m off to go look at Taylor Swift and Normal People inspired prints for my spare room. x

16 thoughts on “A Very Last Minute Hiatus”

  1. Ahh congratulations!! So happy to hear that it all went through in the end โ˜บ๏ธ Good luck moving in and I canโ€™t wait to hear about it once youโ€™re back blogging xx

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