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August 2020 Wrap Up

Hey friends – hope you’re all good! By the time you’re reading this I will hopefully be back into the swing of things with my post schedule, but as I’m writing this, I’m still desperately trying to queue up some content so I don’t get so behind again. You may end up reading my August wrap up at the end of September at this rate, but fingers crossed that won’t be the case. Anyway, I wasn’t really sure whether or not to do an August wrap up as it would have pretty much been dominated by one thing, but it would genuinely bother me to miss one out. So, here goes – it’s probably going to be a short one this time, but enjoy!

August Wrap Up 2020

What’s Been Happening

We Bought a House!

I’ve mentioned it a lot over my last couple of posts, but it’s literally been the thing that’s dominated my life this month. We bought a house. On the 3rd of August, we were told that our sale had completed, and from then on, it was just full speed ahead. No one will ever say that moving house isn’t stressful, but fuck me, there were times when I wondered if we were doing the right thing. So much went wrong, so much furniture we ordered was broken, and at the time of writing there’s still so much to do. But we’re here. We’re in, we’re rid of the disgusting house we lived in for seven years and we have a lovely fresh new one. It’s totally been worth it.

On a side note, Tilly has settled in so well and I’m so proud of her for it. I thought she’d really struggle but she settled in after a couple of days and seems happier than she ever was at the old place. She’s so much more sociable too! Before, she would run and hide upstairs when anyone would come over, but now, she pops in and meows to demand attention, and even went as far as sitting on Liam’s friend’s lap the other night!

As this is going to be a short post compared to the usual (and I’ve ranted A LOT about what’s gone wrong), I thought for this monthly wrap up, I’d also included a ‘house gratitude’ list in addition to my traditional one.

Stuff I Love About My New House

  • It’s clean. It’s so clean that I actually enjoy cleaning it and keeping it tidy. 
  • The living room has a bay window and it’s so pretty!
  • We have an ensuite and the shower is AMAZING.
  • My new work from home set up is so much nicer than the old one. My kitchen is light and bright, and I feel so much more awake when I’m sitting in it.
  • Our new yellow chairs for the living room are so pretty!
  • We’ve had so many lovely cards from friends and family. These two in particular were my favourites – Lillie and Cheryl are two of my best friends and there are endless reasons why I love them both so much, including their cards.
  • Our new mattress is so dreamy. 
  • Tilly loves it.
  • The bathrooms are so much easier to keep tidy.
  • We can get JustEat deliveries (definitely was not a thing where we used to live) – so far we’ve had fish and chips, GBK, SmashBurger, and Bear Grills. Buzzing to try the rest of what’s on offer. 
  • There’s a shop just over the road – it has an adequate stash of wine and snacks making it perfect for when you’re hammered and need more booze.

I Took a Bath

Okay, this one is absolutely mundane and absurd, but for me it was quite a milestone. Don’t worry – I have showers. Basically, if you read my Insta, you’ll know that the bath I took in my new house is the first bath I’ve had in years. Essentially, a combination of the bathroom in my old house being coated in mould and me having contamination based OCD meant that a bath was definitely not a relaxing thing. Put it this way, the last time I had a bath in that house – I had a shower afterwards because I felt dirty. That’s not the point of a bath. Anyway, I had my first bath in my fresh, clean new bathroom, with bubbles and a bath bomb and it was freaking HEAVEN. I feel like I’ll need to stock up when I next go to Lush again.

The Bath

Gratitude List

Completing the sale of our house and the fact that we officially live in it now.

The music video for Scarlet by the Rolling Stones. It has Paul Mescal in it – enough said.

Going to B&M and buying a shit ton of cleaning stuff for the new house.

My car passed its MOT.

The shower in our ensuite bathroom.

Tilly settling into the new house so well. 

Drifters being on Netflix. If you’ve not seen it before, watch it. It’s essentially a female version of The Inbetweeners and it’s brilliant.

Our new TV stand arrived – we no longer look like trash with it on the floor!

Watching Parks and Recreation through again – it’s even funnier the second time and NGL, I have a huge crush on Ben. 

Decorating and perfecting my new living room bookcase.

My Bookcase

Month in Pictures

Coming Up Next Month

Over the next month, I think it’s mainly going to be a case of settling into the new house and sorting crap out. We’re getting there, but it’s pretty slow. Hopefully our new wardrobes will be arriving in the next couple of weeks so we can actually put stuff away properly, so that’ll be some progress at least. Unfortunately, our sofa isn’t coming until mid-October, so it’ll be a few more weeks of vegging out in our yellow armchairs, but fingers crossed it’ll be worth it!

How was your August? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Congrats on the new house! I love rearranging things and getting settled whenever I have moved in the past. It’s so satisfying finding a place for everything and just knowing when a room is exactly the way you want it!

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