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October 2020 Wrap Up

It’s weird, I’m writing my October Wrap Up in October – WTF?! Admittedly it’s the end of October so we’re not quite there, but I think considering my July wrap up was published at the end of September, that’s pretty good going. Not much has been happening this month, mainly because you know – covid coming back with a vengeance. At the time of writing, no one really knows what the F is going on, but many are starting to get a bit concerned that we’ll be spending Christmas in lockdown. The thought of that terrifies the shit out of me, so in all honesty, if they’re going to stick the UK under lockdown again, I’d rather they do it now so there’s just the slightest chance we can spend it with our families. Bear in mind, the date I’m writing this is the 29th October – by the time it gets published, things might be different. Anyway, enough with the covid chat – here’s what’s been happening this October.

Update – I’m editing on the 2nd November. What a fucking shitshow.

October Wrap Up

What’s Been Happening

5 Years!

October is always a special month for us, as it’s our wedding anniversary on the 10th. I wasn’t aware until a couple of years ago that our anniversary is actually World Mental Health Day – who knew?! Unfortunately, we both got rather shit faced the night before when we had some friends over for dinner, so our actual anniversary day was a bit of a write off. Thankfully, we still managed a takeaway, but we were that little bit too hungover to drink the champagne we’d been saving!

Post Ceremony Shot

The Sofa is Here!

After two months of squeezing ourselves into armchairs – our sofa finally arrived, and it’s certainly been a welcome addition to our living room. While I’m shit scared to eat or drink anything on it, it’s super comfortable and it’s so nice to be able to veg out properly of an evening. Naturally, the first person in the house to sit on it was Miss Tilly…

Tilly on the New Sofa

Tilly’s New Chair

While we’re on the subject of Tilly – Liam bought her a new chair this month after she was driving us mad with her meowing while we were both trying to work. The chair was bought in the hopes that she’d settle and just chill TF out while we both spent the day working upstairs. She was a bit dubious about it at first, but after a few days she was loving it. She gets into it herself, and she will genuinely spend hours in it napping. Lidl – £4.99 mate. Barg.

Tilly's New Chair

Tilly’s Modelling Session

You may remember back in August last year, Tilly had a bit of a modelling session with my lovely friend Cheryl. Earlier this month, Cheryl popped in to see the new house and of course brought her camera with her, taking yet more gorgeous snaps of Tilly, who – let’s be honest – loved the camera a bit too much! Seriously though, how talented is Cheryl?! For more beaut snaps, follow Chiggs Photography on Insta!


Gratitude List

The new sofa. Obvs.

Tilly on the Sofa

Doing my daily cleaning chores while listening to music – it’s just a basic bitch thing but oh my god, it brings me so much happiness.

Tilly’s new habit of bringing her toys upstairs in her mouth while we’re working. It’s precious.

Celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. 

Lillie and Cheryl turned up and surprised me after work one day and it really cheered me up after a shitty week.

Having a couple of evenings where I’ve been able to sit and read my book with a glass of wine.

Watching dumbass TikToks.

Various game nights with friends and fam – all socially distanced of course.

Cuddles with Daisy. She was also watching Alvin and the Chipmunks recently and it was just the most precious thing ever.

Daisy Watching Alvin & the Chipmunks

My regular weekly night of getting pissed, doing my nails and watching Normal People. I do what I have to do to get through this lockdown mate.

Month in Pictures

Coming Up Next Month

At the moment, we don’t really have much planned for November – partially because of everything going on, partially because we just generally don’t have anything on the cards. I’ve started my Christmas shopping in the last week or two so I think that’s going to take up a lot of November, and I really want to be able to keep up my latest routine of having the time to kick back with my book in the evenings too. Again, not very exciting, but I think at the moment, we need to be really embracing the stuff that makes us happy.

How was your October? Let me know in the comments!

Featured image by Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash.

6 thoughts on “October 2020 Wrap Up”

    1. Thank you Lucy! We did although we were very hungover for most of it 😂 Haha she’s not always that well behaved trust me! Although she loves a photo opportunity bless her! x


  1. I’m living for the Tilly photos. Great pics and adorable little kitty.
    When you mentioned Christmas, it reminded me of how my husband and I had to miss our annual trip to London (a tradition we started two years ago). We would go at the end of September (for our anniversary) and return home with brandy butter, chocolate orange, and all sorts of edible goodies we can only get overseas. Then, on Christmas Eve, we pig out on mince meat pies and such and think recollect our London trip. I’m kind of heartbroken we didn’t make it there this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw I’m glad you like the Tilly pics! She’s such a poser.
      Really sucks that you’ve had to miss your London trip this year, it sounds like such a amazing trip! Fingers crossed you’ll get to go and celebrate together next year x


  2. A (very belated) happy anniversary! 😆 I’m with you in hoping this lockdown means Christmas can go ahead 🤞🏼 Too scared to get my hopes up!
    What a gorgeous girl Tilly is! I love her new chair 😆 Hope you’re having a good November xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you lovely 😘 I know what you mean – I’ve been buying Christmas presents but I’m worried that I’m jinxing it 😂
      Haha she hated it at first but now we can’t get our out of it!
      November isn’t too bad at the moment aside from the whole lockdown situ but just trying to make the best of it and enjoying the suddenly free weekends! 🤣 Hope your November is going well too xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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