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2020 Blogging Goals: A Review

We are very quickly approaching two years since I launched Sassy Cat Lady. What the actual F?! I’ve kept a hobby up for two years? That NEVER happens. Earlier this year, I set myself some blogging goals for 2020, in a bid to get me developing things further. When lockdown happened (more specifically, the first one – there’s so many of the buggers now), I suddenly saw myself with a fair bit of free time which meant I had longer to work on my blog, and working from home meant that I had the spare time to invest a bit longer in the things I never really had the time to do properly before – such as social media and Instagram posts. Then of course, I moved house and things just went a bit tits up. Even so, I feel as though I’m now back on track (at least a bit) and I’m hoping I can keep the momentum going. Anyway, what better way to end my second year of blogging than a look back over those goals I set myself at the beginning of the year?

2020 Blogging Goals in Review

Instagram: 50 Followers by the End of 2020

End Result: 186 followers

At the time I set these goals, I had only recently set up my Instagram page and I knew it was going to take a lot of work – especially given at the start it kept blocking me a fair bit! You’d take part in follow threads on Twitter, which really helped, but as soon as you’d go to return the follow, Instagram would block you for spamming. Thanks Instagram. Anyway, in spite of that, somehow, at the time of writing I’m at 186 followers. Yeah, I have no idea either. I still struggle with Instagram, especially when it comes to finding the right images to share from my posts. Some are easier than others to share, and I’d also like to try and get some sort of aesthetic going at some point. While I’ll be sharing my blogging goals for 2021 in a post later on, I’d really like to work on Instagram in a bit more detail this year – I’ve even made myself a schedule in my bullet journal, so bitches be serious.

Facebook: 50 Followers by the End of 2020

End Result: 51 followers

Again, my Facebook page was set up towards the end of 2019 and it hadn’t been doing too well at the time of writing last year’s blogging goals. I set myself the goal of 50 followers which I considered a bit of a stretch, and by the fact I’ve only just got there by the skin of my teeth, it’s clear I need to put a little more work in. I’m not sure why I’ve struggled so much with it, but I must admit that I find it quite difficult to use generally – half of the buttons and lists confuse the hell of me so I only end up doing the bear minimum. If anyone has any tips on using it, hit me up.

Twitter: 700 Followers by the End of 2020

End Result: 752 followers

Twitter has certainly been the easiest to use so far and I think it’s certainly been the thing that’s helped me grow my audience the most. Taking part in follow threads and comment swaps has been so helpful, and it’s opened me up to a whole new community of bloggers and writers too. I honestly thought the goal of 700 followers was a bit much, considering I was at just over 500 this time last year, but by some miracle I’ve got there! I feel it’s largely down to some amazing people in the writing community that have been sharing my work with their followers. In particular, I must give a shout out to Martin, who gives me regular shout-outs alongside a line-up of other hugely talented writers, and I can’t thank him enough for that. He also writes some fantastic poetry, so please do check out his Instagram page to read his work!

Work With 3 Brands

Worked with Design Bundles, PrintsField and WaterDrop.

I didn’t actually think that I’d get this one especially, however when lockdown happened I suddenly ended up with a bit more free time, and ended up working with a couple of brands with gifted and paid posts, which has been great. Towards the end of the year I’ve not had as much time to invest in further work with brands but hopefully this is something I can get on board with next year. If you’d like to catch up on my collabs, I’ve listed them below. 

Top 5 Gifts for Pet Lovers (AD)

Little Lockdown Gifts: Show a Loved One You Care with Monogram Maker (AD)

Send a Smile With Personalised Gifts From PrintsField (GIFTED)

Top Tips to Help You Drink More Water (GIFTED)

Increase DA to 10

Current DA: 10

I was well aware that building my DA would take time, so when I first set my goals I didn’t want to aim too high. This time last year I was on 6, so I thought that getting up to 10 was plenty. I managed to get there just before the summer which I was immensely proud of, although because I fell a bit behind towards the end of the year, I haven’t really gone any further. Nevertheless though, I still thought getting to 10 wasn’t going to happen, so I’m very pleased (and shocked!)!

Create a Media Kit

I actually got this one done fairly quickly in 2020 where I was wanting to start working with brands, but I must admit since I completed it earlier in the year I haven’t actually updated it with my current stats. I guess that’s another task for this year!

I’ll be honest, I’m really surprised I actually managed to achieve my goals for the year when it came to my blog. As you may remember, I didn’t do all that well in my personal goals so it’s given me a bit of a boost to know that the blogging side of things has gone better! Thank you so much to everyone that’s supported me over these last couple of years with my blog – my friends and family and the amazing people within the writing community, even if you’ve only read one of my posts, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read my stuff. Here’s hoping 2021 is even better!

Featured image by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash.

4 thoughts on “2020 Blogging Goals: A Review”

  1. Woohoo! Congratulations on smashing your goals! I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things for 2021. I just lost all motivation earlier this year and being pregnant just zapped all my energy. Its hard trying to figure out a balance. I used to take part in threads on Twitter all the time, but it ended up becoming clique, not sure if its changed nowadays or maybe I was just taking part in the wrong threads. Looking forward to seeing your blog continue to grow throughout 2021 🙂💚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you lovely 😊 I know what you mean about finding a balance – with my job I find its so hard to sit at my laptop and write when that’s basically all I’ve done all day 😂 Fingers crossed you’ll get back into things, I’ve certainly been missing your posts and can’t wait to read more from you 😊 I know what you mean about the comment threads, certain ones seemed a bit cliquey – of course it was probably unintentional but you would certainly get that vibe! Thank you for all your support and best of luck getting back into the swing of things! ❤️ Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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