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Craft Gin Club Subscription Box Review | June 2021

The summer offerings for Craft Gin Club are always exciting, and they always seem to up their game when it comes to the cocktail recipes. This month’s box paid homage to the mystical folklore of the Isle of Man, the home of where this month’s craft gin was created, so let’s take a closer look at June’s offerings!

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Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for Craft Gin Club, and have not been compensated in any way for this post. My gin subscription is ordered and paid for out of my own money and all opinions are my own.

What’s in the Box?

Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin Elder Shee Special Edition

Coast British Tonic

Bahlsen Choco Leibniz 

Tame & Wild Strawberry, Cucumber & Lime Flower

Bepps Popped Barbecue Flavour

Crafted Blackberry and Blueberry Juice

Fairfield Farms Bacon & Tomato Handcooked Potato Crisps 

The British Popcorn Co. Caramel & Espresso

Grapefruit and cardamom garnish

Fairy Juice cocktail syrup

Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin Elder Shee Special Edition

Created at the Fynoderee Distillery in the Isle of Man, the Manx Dry Gin Elder Shee Special Edition is inspired by the mystical folklore of the island, combining fresh and floral flavours of elderflower, pink grapefruit peel, rosemary, and lemon thyme. The Fynoderee Distillery is known for creating spirits that encapsulate and pay homage to the myth and magic surrounding the Isle of Man, and this particular spirit was created exclusively for Craft Gin Club members. As someone who really enjoys fresh and floral flavours, this was a gin that really appealed to me, and you really get the scent of elderflower and pink grapefruit, followed by a contrasting blend of the rosemary and lemon thyme for balance, finishing with a refreshing citrus burst. From other gins I’ve tried in the past, it’s very difficult to get the balance of fresh and floral right, as usually one flavour outshines the other, however, in this case, they really nailed the balance between the two. I loved it, and it’s the perfect gin for summer!

Coast British Tonic

Coast isn’t a tonic brand I’d heard of until I received it in this month’s box. The brand takes their name inspiration from the coastlines of the world and works to capture the flavours of each one in all of their products. As members of the Marine Conservation Society, the brand also keeps conservation at the root of everything they do, helping to preserve the beauty of the world’s coastlines. This was a really crisp and refreshing tonic with citrus notes that paired beautifully with the Max Elder Shee Gin, again, making this month’s G&T recipe a real treat. I’m going to keep a look out for Coast’s products in the future too – I love what they stand for, and they make a gorgeous tonic. What’s not to love?


Unfortunately, the crisps side of things were a let-down once again.  Can’t a girl just get a couple of bags of some posh salted crisps once in a while? The Bepps, popcorn and bacon and tomato flavour crisps went straight into what I’m now calling my “Posh Snacks I Offer as a Free For All to Any Guests” bag. Sadly, I have not shifted anything from this bag since December. If you want free posh snacks, come to my house. Thankfully, the day was saved thanks to the addition of the Bahlsen Choco Leibniz biscuits. They make everything better. I’ve yet to try the Crafted Blackberry and Blueberry Juice, but Crafted drinks have featured in a few past boxes since I’ve been a Craft Gin Club member, so I’ve every confidence I’m going to love it. I plan on trying it with the Fynoderee Manx Elder Shee Gin for something a bit different.

The Cocktail: Fairy Juice

The Fairy Juice cocktail combines the Tame & Wild Strawberry and Cucumber drink along with lime juice, the syrup and Fynoderee Manx Elder Shee Gin to create a sweet and summery treat. Like the gin itself, the cocktail combines floral and fruity flavours and the end result is a refreshingly light but fruity drink. I love cucumber flavours when it comes to gin, so the Tame & Wild mixer was definitely a highlight for me! This isn’t one I could have drunk more of because even though it was light, it was also very sweet – one was enough for me. 

Final Thoughts

So, had they not included the Choco Leibniz biscuits in this month’s box, I would have been raging. Thankfully, the addition of them meant I was much more forgiving on this month’s snack offerings. I’d love for them just to include some plain salted crisps for once but I guess that’s not as exciting as bacon and tomato or (as of last month) snail and garlic flavour. On the gin side of things, the Fynoderee Manx Elder Shee Gin was a lovely addition to the box, and it paired beautifully with the Coast tonic water too. While the cocktail wasn’t my favourite out of previous months, it definitely fit in well with the overall theme of the box, and it was really enjoyable to drink after a day of hot weather. 

Overall Rating for May’s Box: 7/10

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