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The Best Taylor Swift Songs To Listen To When You’re Raging AF | The Swift List

If you’re thinking “bloody hell, she can’t go five minutes without talking about how much she loves Taylor Swift,” you’d be right. I’ll be honest, lately, I have no time. As you’ve probably seen at the moment I’m struggling to even get my two posts out each week, and alongside that, I’m also finding it hard to come up with content ideas. I’m not saying that for sympathy, I’m just being honest. So, I’m attempting to use my fangirling of Taylor Swift to come up with some – I’ll admit – mediocre content while I try and sort my life out.

I’ve been resorting to my “Desperate for Ideas” spreadsheet where I literally log every single content idea that pops into my head. I’ll be honest, there are some absolute car-crashes on there that will probably never come to light, but it’s handy when it comes to times like these. The idea for this particular type of post has been on there for a while – in addition to my Tay-Tay Top Five series, I’d like to introduce you to what is essentially (in the spirit of Folklore and Evermore) its sister series, which I’m aptly calling The Swift List.

These are going to be selections of my favourite Taylor Swift songs to listen to at different times and for different moods – when you’re in a good mood, when you need to have a bit of a cry, when you need a pep-talk, and so on. Today, I thought I’d kick things off with the best of her songs that are perfect for listening to when you’re pissed off. So, let’s get started.

The Best Taylor Swift Songs to Listen to When You're Raging AF Pinterest graphic

The Swift List – The Best Taylor Swift Songs For When You’re Raging AF

(In no particular order)

Look What You Made Me Do (Reputation)

Mad Woman (Folklore)

Bad Blood (1989)

Closure (Evermore)

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (Reputation)

I Did Something Bad (Reputation)

Should’ve Said No (Taylor Swift)

Better Than Revenge (Speak Now)

No Body No Crime (feat. HAIM) (Evermore)

The Man (Lover)

Look What You Made Me Do (Reputation)

You’ll notice right away that a vast majority of this list is made up of songs from the Reputation album. For me, it’s the first album I’ll listen to when I’m feeling a bit angsty – while not all of the tracks come under that theme, the overall vibe of the album in my opinion is just a massive middle finger to all of the backlash to the negativity she received from haters and from the media, making it the perfect listening when you hate everyone. Alongside that theme, you’ve also got the theme of finding love in amongst dark times, and while that’s not going to apply to everyone, it’s a good metaphor for rising above negativity and coming out from a shitty time on the other side.

Look What You Made Me Do was the lead track from the album and I instantly loved it for how badass it was. It’s the perfect song for when someone has majorly fucked you over. The song as a whole signifies Taylor’s comeback following her disappearance from the limelight after a number of public feuds, the most memorable being that of Kim and Kanye (obvs I hate them both). Whether you love or hate Taylor (and if you hate her, please leave), you can’t deny that this is one hell of a comeback, and I think that’s why I love the song so much – in her Miss Americana documentary, you see just how affected she was by all of the hatred she received, and for her to release something like this following it, it’s just the best response. As she puts it herself “But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time;  Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time” – YAAAAS GIRL. 

 Plus, the music video is full on ICONIC.

Mad Woman (Folklore)

Folklore was an album that had us feeling all sorts of things when it was released last year – you’d literally be bopping along to August one moment and then crying your eyes out to Epiphany the next. While Mad Woman definitely wasn’t my favourite track on the album, there’s no denying that it’s incredibly powerful. While never mentioned explicitly, many believe the song was inspired by the dispute with Scooter Braun over the masters of her first six albums, and this was alluded to in the Long Pond Studio Sessions film where Taylor said that “the most rage provoking element of being a female is gaslighting. There have been instances of this recently with someone who is very guilty of this in my life, and it’s a person who tries to make me feel like I’m the offender by having any kind of defence. I feel like I have no right to respond, or I’m crazy, or I’m angry.”

Confronting the idea that in society, women who express anger are labelled as “crazy,” the song is hauntingly dark and has a vengeful feel to it, making it the perfect song to listen to while you sit gently stewing over someone who’s wronged you. 

Bad Blood (1989)

First of all, I’m referring to the original version of the song from the 1989 album. Not the remix featuring the unnecessary addition of Kendrick Lamar which is often played on most radio stations. It’s the same level of unnecessary as the Shawn Mendes version of Lover, which just makes me angry.

Anyway, moving on. With Taylor stating in an interview that the song was about a female peer who attempted to sabotage her, many believed it was referring to her very public feud with Katy Perry. As with many of Taylor’s songs, we can all have our own interpretation of this, and for me, Bad Blood is an incredibly cathartic song to listen to after you’ve fallen out with someone. Yes, I’m dramatic AF. I’m not saying it’s a song I put on immediately after every argument I have with my husband or if a friend has said something to piss me off, but, should it come on at the time (which it has on multiple occasions), I will 100% be singing it to them in my head. 

Again, if anyone wants to crowd fund my therapy, please do get in touch. 

Closure (Evermore)

Evermore was another masterpiece that Taylor graced us all with in 2020, and it was full of amazing tracks, combining more fictional characters with songs inspired by her own life events. Again, I’ll admit that Closure isn’t my favourite track on the album, but I’m sure we’ve all experienced the subject matter of the song, which is what earns it a place on this list. Essentially a kiss-off to someone from the past reaching out to right their wrongs in a bid to ease their guilty conscience, the fake niceties and forced enthusiasm is something I’m more than familiar with, so I instantly developed an attachment to the song the first time I heard it. It’s one of those songs that comes to mind whenever you think of friends who’ve crapped on you in the past and who have attempted to make amends, while you know full well they’ll crap on you again in a few months’ time. Even though the song doesn’t quite have as much of an angsty vibe as some of the others in the list, it still has a powerful message.

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (Reputation)

Once again, we come back to Reputation, and a song that confronts the Kim and Kanye drama head on. It’s an upbeat track that’s a fantastic kick in the face to the haters, and I especially love the bridge:

“Here’s a toast to my real friends, 

They don’t care about the he said, she said

And here’s to my baby, 

He ain’t reading what they call me lately

And here’s to my Mama, 

Had to listen to all this drama

And here’s to you, cause forgiveness is a nice thing to do…

[Laughs] I can’t even say it with a straight face!”

I loved the song initially when I first heard it, but what took it to the next level was seeing Taylor perform it as the finale on her Reputation Stadium Tour – it’s AMAZING, and I think more than anything, it showed that she had well and truly come out on top.

I Did Something Bad (Reputation)

I Did Something Bad is one of Taylor’s most underrated songs in my opinion – it has some of the best lyrics and the dubstep style drop brings so much attitude and drama with it. It was also the first song where we hear her curse (not that I give a shit with my potty mouth), when she delivers the iconic line “if a man talks shit, then I owe him nothing.” While that comes out top on the lyrics side with this song, you’ve also got this incredible bridge: 

“They’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one,

They got their pitchforks and proof, 

Their receipts and reasons

They’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one

So light me up, light me up, light me up,

Go ahead and light me up”

At the risk of repeating myself, this is also another song that’s taken to the next level with a live performance. She performs it early on during the Reputation Stadium Tour and it’s just FIERCE AF.

Should’ve Said No (Taylor Swift)

This one takes us right back to Taylor’s debut album, with a song addressing a former lover who cheated on her. The angst and the pain in her voice is something we can all relate to, whether or not you’ve had a similar experience, and the song overall is so dramatic, making it perfect for blasting out at full volume when you’re raging!

Better Than Revenge (Speak Now)

Out of all the songs on Speak Now, Better Than Revenge wasn’t one of my favourites, but it’s certainly a good song to blast out when you’re pissed off. While the song itself addresses an ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, the overall theme of revenge is one that makes it ideal listening for times when you’ve been wronged. 

No Body No Crime feat. HAIM (Evermore)

Anyone who knows the subject matter of this song may be a bit concerned that this one features in this particular list, but don’t worry, it’s all fine, I have no intention of murdering anyone. For anyone who has no idea what I’m banging on about, No Body, No Crime is a ballad about a woman called Este, who is murdered by her cheating husband, and her friend, the song’s narrator, takes revenge on him. I personally love the sass and the attitude in the song, which is why I’ve chosen it for this list. Don’t judge, but it’s also weirdly cathartic to listen to (in the same way that true crime podcasts are, I suppose), but the smooth, upbeat country rock style of the song balances it out, turning it into quite a calming listen.

The Man (Lover)

Lover is my favourite Taylor Swift album, but compared to some of the others, there aren’t really many angsty songs on there. However, The Man is the exception. A song addressing the sexist double standards within the music industry (and let’s be honest, everywhere else), it’s an absolute feminist bop that’s packed with attitude, making it one of my go-tos for whenever I’m feeling pissed off. Plus, can we all just take a minute to appreciate the music video?

So there you have it – my first edition of The Swift List. What would be your top picks? Let me know in the comments!

Featured image credit: Rolling Stone.

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