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Craft Gin Club Subscription Box Review | September 2021

As I sit writing the intro to this post in October, I genuinely can’t believe how quickly September came and went. I am so bloody ready for autumn though – I’ve already changed my wardrobe over and my little Halloween ornaments are already sneaking their way into my bookcase. Anyway, let’s go back to the topic of gin. September’s Craft Gin Club offerings were inspired by the closing days of summer, with an earthy gin distilled in the Yorkshire Dales. Here’s my take on them all.

Craft Gin Club Review - September 2021

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for Craft Gin Club, and have not been compensated in any way for this post. My gin subscription is ordered and paid for out of my own money and all opinions are my own.

What’s in the Box?

Otterbeck Distillery Cotton Garden Gin

Navas Garden Tonic

Heartsease Farm Raspberry Lemonade

Candy Kittens Gourmet Sweets

Angostura Aromatic Bitters

Munchkings Pretzel Crush – Honey, Mustard and Onion

Love Corn Cheese & Onion

Nexba Strawberry & Peach Kefir

Tia Maria Matcha Cream Liqueur

Secret Garden cocktail syrup

Lemon and coriander garnish

Otterbeck Distillery Cotton Garden Gin

Originating in the Yorkshire Dales, Otterbeck Distillery is the award winning creation of three gin loving friends. Their Cotton Garden Gin draws its inspiration from the traditional English garden and combines botanicals including juniper, cassia, cardamom, yarrow, elderberry,  lemon, orange, rosemary, sage, thyme and mint. Cotton Garden Gin is a special edition spirit created exclusively for Craft Gin Club members and is designed for sipping in those last days of summer. The first thing to notice about this gin is the herbaceous aroma, which really gives it an earthy, autumnal feel. You then get hit with a refreshing citrus flavour which perfectly compliments the herbal notes. I really loved the inspiration behind Cotton Garden Gin, and it really fit in with those remaining days of summer as we start the transition into Autumn. While gins with earthy notes aren’t always my thing, this is definitely one that I’d try again. There was a really good balance between the earthy and citrus notes, which meant that neither of them were too overpowering –  it’s cliché, but it was just right. On a bonus note, I also think the bottle needs some appreciation. It’s such a simplistic design but it’s so pretty!

Navas Garden Tonic

Navas Garden Tonic is inspired by the beautiful landscape of Port Navas in West Cornwall, created with natural ingredients and spring water sourced from the Cornish moors. What was instantly noticeable about this mixer was how fragrant it was. It gave off subtle earthy notes which made it pair wonderfully with the Cotton Garden Gin, and upon reading further into the mixer, it appears that it works well with a wide variety of different craft gins. Admittedly, it wasn’t my favourite tonic over the last few months, but there’s no denying that it complimented the Cotton Garden Gin perfectly. The mixer is also a great option for those who are a little more conscious about sustainability, as for each bottle sold, Navas Garden Tonic donate 2% of their profits to campaigns by the Eden Project. 


It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you when I say that I wasn’t majorly impressed with this month’s snacks. However, the addition of a bag of Candy Kittens meant all was forgiven. I never buy Candy Kittens sweets because they’re quite a bit more pricey than your average sweets, so it’s quite the treat when I’m presented with a full size bag of the buggers. My box featured a bag of the Wild Strawberry flavour, and they’re going down incredibly well. What I love about Candy Kittens sweets is that they don’t feel as sickly as other sweets on the market (probably why they’re a bit more expensive). Plus, their recipes are completely free from animal gelatine and palm oil, so they’re a perfect treat if you’re vegan! 

Sadly, the rest of the snacks on offer fell on the disappointing side. They weren’t flavours I would actively try, and even on the occasions where I’ve had a few too many gins, they haven’t quite appealed to me and my alcohol fuelled munchies. Oh well, as I’ve said before, Mama’s all about the gin bebe. 

The Cocktail: Secret Garden

The Secret Garden combined the Cotton Garden Gin with the Heartsease Farm Raspberry Lemonade, along with the cocktail syrup. This was definitely one of my favourite cocktails so far this year – it was light, refreshing, and had a really fruity flavour, but at the same time, it wasn’t overly sweet or sickly. It felt like a bit of a weird choice for September as it was still a pretty summery themed flavour, but I guess seeing as the early weeks of the month were supposedly a “heatwave,” it worked quite well. Normally the ingredients they give you for the cocktail are enough to make at least two servings, and I can always tell whether or not it’s a decent one on the basis that I’m willing to make another one – and with this one, that’s exactly what I did. 

Final Thoughts

The offerings for September certainly weren’t my favourite, but there were still some enjoyable things that came from it. The gin, tonic and cocktail recipe all delivered and lived up to expectations, while once again, I felt the snacks had let the side down. Still, with the Candy Kittens sweets, I’ll forgive them.

Overall Rating for September’s Box: 6/10

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