Taylor in the music video for You Need to Calm Down - she's in a pool, lying on a yellow sun lounger, wearing a pink bikini and fur coat, holding a cocktail
Taylor Swift Stanning

20 Of The Best Taylor Swift Songs

It’s no secret that I love Taylor Swift. If you don’t know that then I don’t know WTF you’ve been reading on this blog lately. Anyway, back in the very early days of my blog, I wrote a post on my favourite songs of hers, however this was all pre-Folklore, Evermore and Taylor’s Version. So, given that today is actually our queen’s birthday, I thought it would be a good time to revamp that list with some new favourites. Believe me, this was a bloody hard list to put together. 

As you’ll see, I’ve tried to shy away from her more mainstream stuff and look at some of the other tracks on her albums. That’s not to say that I don’t like 22, Love Story, Blank Space, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and so on, because they’re all bangers, but there’s so much more to her lyrical back catalogue than the songs she’s best known for. Of course, Shake It Off remains the exception, because it’s a song that I have such a personal attachment to, so it had to be included no matter what. These are the songs that I would encourage a non-Swiftie to listen to in order to convert them to full Swiftie status. You’re welcome. 

20 of the Best Taylor Swift Songs Pinterest graphic

You can read what I think of each song individually in my Tay-Tay Top Five Series, but for now, here’s my final listing of the best Taylor Swift songs (at least until 1989, Reputation, Taylor Swift and Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) all come out. And any other albums she releases in the future).

All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) (10 Minute Version) (Red)

Shake It Off (1989)

Exile (feat. Bon Iver) (Folklore)

Champagne Problems (Evermore)

Death By A Thousand Cuts (Lover)

Betty (Folklore)

Evermore (Evermore)

London Boy (Lover)

Enchanted (Speak Now)

Paper Rings (Lover)

New Year’s Day (Reputation)

Sparks Fly (Speak Now)

Call It What You Want (Reputation)

The Best Day (Taylor’s Version) (Fearless)

Marjorie (Evermore)

The Last Great American Dynasty (Folklore)

August (Folklore)

Lover (Lover)

Clean (1989)

I Bet You Think About Me (Red (Taylor’s Version))

What are your favourite Taylor Swift songs? Let me know in the comments!

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