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Lockdown Silver Linings

I’ve seen a few of these posts over the last couple of weeks so I’ve decided to create my own. While the COVID-19 pandemic has well and truly fucked EVERYTHING up, a good way to keep our sanity can be to have a look at the silver linings of what lockdown has meant for us.… Continue reading Lockdown Silver Linings

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Attempting to Be Eco Friendly When You Have OCD

I won’t lie, I feel as though my OCD is the sole reason why I don’t engage in as many environmentally friendly behaviours. Before anyone comes at me and tells me I’m using it as an excuse, I’d like to shut that right down and say that I’m trying. I wasn’t sure whether or not… Continue reading Attempting to Be Eco Friendly When You Have OCD

Me & Mum on My Wedding Day

My List of Wonder Women

International Women's Day is the day we celebrate women's equality and their achievements. In the spirit of things, today's post is all about the women who have influenced me throughout my life and why I think they're awesome. My Mama Obvs. Growing up it was pretty much just me and her, and to this day… Continue reading My List of Wonder Women