2022 Reading stack: Glorious Rock Bottom, Traces, Magpie and No Shame

February 2022 Reading Wrap Up

February is such a short month but I’ve still managed to get through four books. Annoyingly, it would have probably been more had I not struggled so much with one of them towards the end of the month, but I guess the lesson to be learned there is that maybe I need to start giving… Continue reading February 2022 Reading Wrap Up

January 2022 Reading Stack: A Handmaid's Tale, The Language of Kindness: A Nurse's Story, and My Dark Vanessa

January 2022 Reading Wrap Up

Hey friends, and welcome to my first reading wrap up of 2022. January has been a long-ass month, but I’ve been attempting to work through the hefty AF stack of books that I’ve added to my TBR list since Christmas. This year, I’ve made it one of my priorities to spend more time reading rather… Continue reading January 2022 Reading Wrap Up