February Wrap Up Flatlay - Valentines Roses
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February 2020 Wrap Up

Hello all! February has certainly whizzed past and it’s time for another monthly wrap up. All in all this month has been alright - a large chunk of it was spent nursing a sprained wrist while the first week was spent mostly in a heightened state of anxiety due to the upcoming camera-up-the-butt thing. Aside… Continue reading February 2020 Wrap Up

Me in Gran Canaria - 2017
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How I’ve Changed in 10 Years

Admittedly, this is probably something I should have posted a little bit earlier in 2020, but I struggled to get out the content I’d already planned, so anything extra was definitely a bit unrealistic. Anyway, towards the end of 2019, there were loads of people doing the Ten Year Challenge. I had a go at… Continue reading How I’ve Changed in 10 Years