Taylor Swift 2006 Era
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Tay-Tay Top Five: Taylor Swift

So, we find ourselves back at the very beginning. Today’s Tay-Tay Top Five is focusing on Taylor Swift’s debut album, aptly titled Taylor Swift. As of today, we’re equals pequals in this series, although I hope by the time this gets posted we get some sort of update on what the next Taylor’s Version recording… Continue reading Tay-Tay Top Five: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Fearless Artwork
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Tay-Tay Top Five: Fearless

Okay, so before I get into this I want to clarify something. Today, I’m talking about the initial release of Fearless. I appreciate that we have recently seen the release of Fearless (Taylor’s Version), and I admit right off the bat that it is far superior than this one. However, I felt it was still… Continue reading Tay-Tay Top Five: Fearless

Taylor Swift - Speak Now
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Tay-Tay Top Five: Speak Now

As we approach Taylor’s earlier albums in my Tay-Tay Top Five series, I feel I should mention that these were albums I discovered much later on following their release. While I was a fan of her songs that were in the charts, it wasn’t until I discovered 1989 that I realised I was missing out… Continue reading Tay-Tay Top Five: Speak Now

Taylor Swift - Evermore
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Tay-Tay Top Five: Evermore

It’s the one I’ve been gagging to write, and it’s finally here! I’ve wanted to listen to it as much as possible before I brought you my Evermore review, and this was certainly one of the harder albums to pick five favourite tracks. Taylor Swift already saved 2020 with Folklore, but us Swifties lost our… Continue reading Tay-Tay Top Five: Evermore

Taylor Swift -Red
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Tay-Tay Top Five: Red

It’s been a few weeks since my last Tay Tay Top Five, and rest assured, my review of Evermore is coming. In the meantime, we’re sticking with the current order that I was going in originally, bringing us today to Red. I’m well aware that Red is one of the most popular Taylor Swift albums,… Continue reading Tay-Tay Top Five: Red

1989 Artwork
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Tay-Tay Top Five: 1989

It’s time to churn out another edition of my Tay-Tay Top Five, and today it’s all about the album that I have the biggest emotional connection to - 1989. The 1989 album was one that I discovered in the run-up to my wedding and it’s the album that turned me into a full-blown Swiftie. I… Continue reading Tay-Tay Top Five: 1989

Taylor Swift - Reputation
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Tay-Tay Top Five: Reputation

It’s time for another Tay-Tay Top Five! As we’re sticking in sequence, today is all about Reputation. I feel as though Reputation has well... a bad reputation compared to Taylor’s other albums. It was released following all the public feuds with the likes of Kanye West, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian; and while the Swifties… Continue reading Tay-Tay Top Five: Reputation

Taylor Swift Reputation Album
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We Need to Talk About Taylor Swift

I've already admitted multiple times that I have a total girl crush on Taylor Swift. The hate I feel for someone who slates her is probably not normal but as she would say herself: haters gonna hate. I never really considered myself a huge fan back in her early days, but in recent years I… Continue reading We Need to Talk About Taylor Swift