About Me

You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

Robin Williams

Hello! I’m Amy, the creator of Sassy Cat Lady – welcome to my strange little corner of the internet! I’m 28, and I live in Bath, UK with my husband and my cat, Tilly, who is a frequent guest star in my blog posts.

I’ll be honest – my blog doesn’t really have a niche, although if I had to pick I’d put it down as a lifestyle blog, but with a whole helping of mental health stuff thrown in. I have OCD, anxiety and depression, which of course has a huge impact on day-to-day stuff, but I’ve found writing about my experiences incredibly cathartic, hence the creation of Sassy Cat Lady. I don’t want it to be all doom and gloom though – humour is one of the main ways I deal with my mental health problems, so they’ll be plenty of laughing at myself throughout.

While you’ll find plenty here on the mental health front, there’s also some good old lifestyle and entertainment bits thrown in too. I’m a big fan of TV boxsets, often resorting back to my usual comfort shows rather than branching out on anything new, so you’ll find posts in homage to my favourites – namely, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, The Big Bang Theory and Frasier.

I also write a fair bit about music – namely, Taylor Swift. I’m a die-hard Swiftie and have the biggest girl crush on her. While Tay-Tay is 100% my favourite artist, I also have the most random mix of songs in my Spotify library. I bloody love 90s and 00s music, a good bit of cheese, and there’s a fair few songs that have featured in Grey’s Anatomy thrown in.

I’m also a bit of a bookworm, so you’ll find quite a few posts on what I’ve been reading lately. It’s mainly rom-coms and anything under the genre of mental health, but I try and branch out as best I can too, so feel free to recommend stuff!

There isn’t really a massive aim with my blog – but I’d quite like to raise a bit of awareness about what it’s like to live with a mental illness, of course with plenty of humour thrown in. I hope you find it relatable, or at least have a good laugh at how I regularly get drunk and thirst over Paul Mescal.

All views are my own.