Me & Liam in Central Perk at FriendsFest
3o Before 30, Memories & Experiences

The One Where We Went to FriendsFest | 30 Before 30

It's been a while since I've done anything on my 30 Before 30 List. However, as I’m writing this, we’ve just got home after a day at FriendsFest. Let’s face it, a hot day, loads of crowds and touching a load of photo props that other people have touched doesn’t sound like my ideal day… Continue reading The One Where We Went to FriendsFest | 30 Before 30

Life Lessons

House Drama: What the Actual F Has Been Going On

So, at the beginning of the year when I started my blog, my husband and I were planning on being in our new house by this time now. Unfortunately, that never happened. After far too many delays and being hugely messed around, the possibility of our new house disappeared. Back in February, I mentioned very… Continue reading House Drama: What the Actual F Has Been Going On

My Anxious Travels

My Travel Bucket List

I can’t call myself a travel lover in any sense of the word. I hate change, I hate people, and I hate flying. I’m sure regular readers will know that for most of my life, I refused to even set foot on a plane, and didn’t do so until 2016. However, since then, I’ve flown… Continue reading My Travel Bucket List

Life Lessons

How to Pass a Driving Test: My Tips for Anxious Learners

In September 2021, it will have been ten years since I passed my driving test. I know, I can't believe it either. I had my first driving lesson in May 2009, but I didn't actually pass my test until September 2011, two weeks before my theory test expired. I remember sitting in a car and… Continue reading How to Pass a Driving Test: My Tips for Anxious Learners

Me on graduation day standing in front of a backdrop and balloons
Memories & Experiences

Lessons I Learned After Graduation

Every year when I see students walking around Bath in their graduation gowns, it always gets me reflecting on the period after my graduation. It was a period that I struggled with immensely, the reasons which will become apparent as you read on, and part of me wishes that I could sit 21 year old… Continue reading Lessons I Learned After Graduation

Colourful PIlls
Mental Health Awareness, OCD, Anxiety and Everything Else

Why Medication Was the Best Decision I Ever Made

In June 2016, I reluctantly made the decision to start taking medication for my OCD. Of course this is something that I’ve openly discussed throughout my mental health related posts, but I haven’t actually talked about the reasons why I left it for so long. So, for today’s post, I wanted to talk a little… Continue reading Why Medication Was the Best Decision I Ever Made

Fur Babies

My Little Tiger: Meet Tilly

Back in 2019, I put together a post all about my little love, Tilly. You will have seen her appear here and there on my blog, and you may even follow her on Instagram (yes, she has her own account because she’s THAT extra). I’ve talked about her on my blog before, and today I’m… Continue reading My Little Tiger: Meet Tilly

Blogger Awards & Challenges

The Liebster Award

It always amazes me when I get nominated for these blogger awards and challenges. After a number of years trying to write a decent blog, this last year has helped me discover that it’s genuinely something I want to do for a career, and the blogger community on Twitter have been amazing in supporting me.… Continue reading The Liebster Award