Memories & Experiences

The Best Things About My Mum

I originally wrote this post back in 2019 for Mother's Day - there are hundreds of reasons why my Mum is the best, but here's are some of my favourites. She Never Fails to Make Me Laugh I have without a doubt inherited my foul mouth from my mother and I love it. She regularly… Continue reading The Best Things About My Mum

OCD, Anxiety and Everything Else

Anxious Ramblings | A Journal

I'm struggling this week (yes, I'm aware it's only Monday). I have no idea why, but all I know is I'm getting fed up with it. I can't eat, I can't get on with my day, and I'm exhausted. I'm literally writing this on my lunch break because I physically can't face the thought of… Continue reading Anxious Ramblings | A Journal

OCD, Anxiety and Everything Else

2 Years

March 2019 is my discharge-iversary. Is that a thing? Probably not. But two years ago, on the 17th March 2017, I had my final CBT session to date. To most, it probably wouldn’t be considered a big deal, and to some of you reading, it probably wouldn’t be either. But at the time, I had… Continue reading 2 Years

Me & Mum on My Wedding Day

My List of Wonder Women

International Women's Day is the day we celebrate women's equality and their achievements. In the spirit of things, today's post is all about the women who have influenced me throughout my life and why I think they're awesome. My Mama Obvs. Growing up it was pretty much just me and her, and to this day… Continue reading My List of Wonder Women