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How I’ve Changed in 10 Years

Admittedly, this is probably something I should have posted a little bit earlier in 2020, but I struggled to get out the content I’d already planned, so anything extra was definitely a bit unrealistic. Anyway, towards the end of 2019, there were loads of people doing the Ten Year Challenge. I had a go at… Continue reading How I’ve Changed in 10 Years

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Attempting to Be Eco Friendly When You Have OCD

I won’t lie, I feel as though my OCD is the sole reason why I don’t engage in as many environmentally friendly behaviours. Before anyone comes at me and tells me I’m using it as an excuse, I’d like to shut that right down and say that I’m trying. I wasn’t sure whether or not… Continue reading Attempting to Be Eco Friendly When You Have OCD

OCD Week of Action 2020
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What’s It Like Living With OCD?

When I write about my OCD, I generally do it for one main reason: to raise awareness. I’ve been open about my mental health on my blog since the very beginning, and today I’m carrying on that tradition. Most information sources on OCD will tell you the typical signs and symptoms the sufferer will experience,… Continue reading What’s It Like Living With OCD?

Me and Liam with our Wedding Cake - October 2015
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11 Things in 11 Years

Soz guys, it’s another Valentine’s-esque post. If you read my last post, you’ll know that Valentine’s Day marks mine and Liam’s 11 year anniversary. My last post was all about how we met and what’s generally happened over the last 11 years, but today I thought I’d put together something that looks back on my… Continue reading 11 Things in 11 Years

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Valentine's Day is always a special day for me and my husband. I know of a few people who absolutely HATE Valentine’s Day, and I kind of agree that it’s a massive marketing ploy to sell extra flowers, booze and chocolates after the post Christmas slump. Despite that, we still celebrate it. Valentine’s Day for… Continue reading 14.02.2009

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Time to Talk Day 2020: 8 Tips for Talking About Mental Health

Today is Time to Talk Day. The day where we all take a little time to get a conversation going about mental health. According to Time to Change, mental health affects 1 in 4 of us, yet so many of us are embarrassed to talk about it. Time to Talk Day encourages everyone to start… Continue reading Time to Talk Day 2020: 8 Tips for Talking About Mental Health

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January 2020 Wrap Up

Hey friends. As promised, today is going to be my first monthly wrap up of 2020. I initially set myself the goal so that I could do more things (so that I’d actually have stuff to talk about), and so I could reflect back on my goals at the end of each month to keep… Continue reading January 2020 Wrap Up