Life Lessons

Lessons I Learned at University

July 2020 marked seven years since I graduated from university. It feels weird to think that I've now been adulting for that long - and when is it acceptable to stop calling yourself a graduate? Asking for a friend. The generic "tossing your cap into the air" photo. Anyone who knows me will know that… Continue reading Lessons I Learned at University


My Make Up Essentials | January 2019

I never used to spend money on makeup. And the makeup I did have was basic as anything. Think the Miss Sporty stuff from Superdrug or what you get in those cheap makeup kits a distant relative buys you for Christmas. It usually was just eyeliner and a bit of mascara, and in later years,… Continue reading My Make Up Essentials | January 2019


My Top 5 Best Hand Creams for the Constant Hand-Washers

It's no secret that I was my hands A LOT. Just one of the many joys of having OCD. While I don't do any good for avoiding stereotypes, contamination is a big deal for me and it's the main component of my OCD. My hands are often dry and generally gross looking as a result… Continue reading My Top 5 Best Hand Creams for the Constant Hand-Washers

Life Lessons

Important Lessons I Learned From Working in Retail

So, back in 2018 I left my job in retail after a total of 7 years. It all started as a job to give me some extra cash at uni, and it was my fallback when my lack of experience let me down in finding a job actually relevant to my degree. We all know… Continue reading Important Lessons I Learned From Working in Retail

3o Before 30

30 Before 30

I originally put this post together before my 27th birthday. I updated it during the run up to my 28th birthday in 2020, and we're now here in 2021, just a week away from my 29th. Shiiiit. But rather than focusing on the slow march to the grave, I've decided to focus on all the… Continue reading 30 Before 30

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Fangirling About Taylor Swift

We Need to Talk About Taylor Swift

I've already admitted multiple times that I have a total girl crush on Taylor Swift. The hate I feel for someone who slates her is probably not normal but as she would say herself: haters gonna hate. I never really considered myself a huge fan back in her early days, but in recent years I… Continue reading We Need to Talk About Taylor Swift

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Goals & Stuff

Futile Attempts to Better My Life in 2019

I feel as though I'm already up on 2019 considering that I woke up on New Year's Day without a hangover. For a split second I felt so good that I considered doing Dry January to really kick start my good habits. But then I remembered I have a hen party to go to this… Continue reading Futile Attempts to Better My Life in 2019

Yearly Reviews

2018 in Review

So 2018 is officially done. To be honest, I've had some worse years. And that's saying something when you're as pessimistic and miserable as I am. In a nutshell, 2018 was the year I threw up in my husband's BMW after drinking too much (don't worry, it was in a Primark carrier bag), the year… Continue reading 2018 in Review