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A Letter To My 10 Year Old Self

Update - April 2021 I'm re-reading this post in 2021, just over a week away from my 29th birthday, so I thought now would be a great time to re-share. I initially wrote this post as we started to ease out of Lockdown 1 (FFS), following months of having Radio 1 - specifically, Greg James,… Continue reading A Letter To My 10 Year Old Self

Craft Gin Club Box - July 2020
Reviewing Stuff

Craft Gin Club Subscription Box Review | July 2020

It’s strange to think that I’m already writing my review for my July Craft Gin Club delivery, but here we are. July’s box captures the summer vibes perfectly, and is inspired by the tropical vibes of Brazil, with a gin crafted from South America’s finest botanicals, some of which haven’t been used in gin before.… Continue reading Craft Gin Club Subscription Box Review | July 2020

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My Favourite Live Comedy Performances

When I wrote this post back in 2020, I had been thinking a lot about stand-up comedy and how much of a role it plays in my life. Regular readers of my blog will know that Liam and I make regular trips to comedy gigs (you know, pre-covid of course) and in 2019, we went… Continue reading My Favourite Live Comedy Performances

Opening Wedding Gifts
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Jewellery Box Stories

This particular post idea was inspired by a blog by New Lune, looking at life lessons and stories behind favourite jewellery pieces. Anyone who knows me will know that I love my jewellery. I’ve recently started branching out into wearing a few Marianne-inspired earrings (sorry, that will be the only Normal People reference in this… Continue reading Jewellery Box Stories

Woman with Tattoo on Arm
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Tattoo Tales

I’ve written about my experience getting my first tattoo as part of my 30 Before 30 series (which btw, I’m SMASHING...jks I’ve done sweet FA throughout 2020 and the early part of 2021), but I wanted to share a bit more about why I chose them and the meanings behind each one. I’ve wanted a… Continue reading Tattoo Tales

Monthly Wrap Ups

June 2020 Wrap Up

I can’t actually believe we’re over halfway through the year now. It’s been an interesting one. I for one am looking forward to how utterly shitfaced I’m going to get on new year’s eve this year, as I’m sure the rest of the UK - and indeed, the world - will. Out of all the… Continue reading June 2020 Wrap Up

Kitten with Toys
Fur Babies

New Kitten Care Tips: Four Things I Learned as a New Cat Mum

While I love literally all the cats, I have a particular soft spot for kittens. Their teeny paws, their little meows, and just the fact that they’re so bloody cute. I’ve grown up with cats my whole life, and every cat we’ve owned in my family was brought to us as a kitten, so I’ve… Continue reading New Kitten Care Tips: Four Things I Learned as a New Cat Mum

The Therapy Diaries

The Therapy Diaries 4 | Hypnotherapy

It’s that time again, folks. It’s time for another edition of The Therapy Diaries! Today, we’re looking at something a little different - my experience with hypnotherapy, which took place in 2015 during the run-up to my wedding to help me with my anxiety, emetophobia and (what was undiagnosed at the time but we now… Continue reading The Therapy Diaries 4 | Hypnotherapy

Parrots at Palmitos Park
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Summer Throwbacks

I originally wrote this post back in Summer 2020, when Covid-19 had fucked up pretty much all of our summers. Some of us managed to get away and enjoy a staycation or two, while others were lucky enough to get a cheeky trip abroad before they brought in quarantine rules - however, we did none… Continue reading Summer Throwbacks