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My TV Highlights of 2020

2020 was definitely a year that heavily utilised our Netflix/Amazon Prime subscriptions. This year’s lockdown meant that we binged more telly than we usually would, resulting in trying out new shows and in my case, returning to some old, comforting favourites. This time last year, I put together a round-up of my favourite TV moments… Continue reading My TV Highlights of 2020

Parks & Recreation Cast

Ten of My Favourite Parks & Recreation Moments

We were very late to the party discovering Parks & Recreation. It was a show that we only discovered about two years ago, and as two people that were used to the classic sitcom set-up, it was certainly strange getting used to the mockumentary style the show is set in. Despite that, it’s since become… Continue reading Ten of My Favourite Parks & Recreation Moments

Featured Image: TV Screen with Netflix

My TV Highlights of 2019

2019 was definitely the year that we branched out in terms of telly. Normally, we stick to our usual boxsets and reruns, but this year we went for quite a few new bits. Well, it wasn’t exactly new new, but it was stuff we haven’t seen before, which I’m counting as new. So, as we’re… Continue reading My TV Highlights of 2019