October Wrap Up
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October 2020 Wrap Up

It’s weird, I’m writing my October Wrap Up in October - WTF?! Admittedly it’s the end of October so we’re not quite there, but I think considering my July wrap up was published at the end of September, that’s pretty good going. Not much has been happening this month, mainly because you know - covid… Continue reading October 2020 Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap Ups

September 2020 Wrap Up

It finally feels like I’m getting back into some sort of routine with my blog - it’s only taken me two months, but I’m very slowly getting there! I’m still not quite up to date with my monthly wrap ups, but again, I’m getting there. September has certainly been a much better month, and a… Continue reading September 2020 Wrap Up

House Keys
3o Before 30

Five Lessons I Learned Buying My First House | 30 Before 30

In August 2020, we moved into our brand new house. After a very shaky start, with a lot of uncertainty throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we suddenly found things going full throttle when it came to moving. Our sale suddenly completed, and we had two weeks to pack up our current property and get the hell… Continue reading Five Lessons I Learned Buying My First House | 30 Before 30