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One For the Cat Mums | International Cat Day 2021

To all the people thinking “for fuck sake, she’s written ANOTHER post about her cat,” you’re not going to like this. This coming Sunday the 8th August is International Cat Day, so I thought I’d share a little something in honour of the occasion. A post about the little tiger in my house with many… Continue reading One For the Cat Mums | International Cat Day 2021

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3 Kitties and a Pooch

It’s no secret that I love animals. I’m that person at a party where, if there’s a dog or a cat, I will disappear at some point and just sit there smoothing and talking to them. I once sat singing Mr Brightside to my friends’ family dog at a New Year’s Eve party because she… Continue reading 3 Kitties and a Pooch

October Wrap Up
Monthly Wrap Ups

October 2020 Wrap Up

It’s weird, I’m writing my October Wrap Up in October - WTF?! Admittedly it’s the end of October so we’re not quite there, but I think considering my July wrap up was published at the end of September, that’s pretty good going. Not much has been happening this month, mainly because you know - covid… Continue reading October 2020 Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap Ups

September 2020 Wrap Up

It finally feels like I’m getting back into some sort of routine with my blog - it’s only taken me two months, but I’m very slowly getting there! I’m still not quite up to date with my monthly wrap ups, but again, I’m getting there. September has certainly been a much better month, and a… Continue reading September 2020 Wrap Up

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New Kitten Care Tips: Four Things I Learned as a New Cat Mum

While I love literally all the cats, I have a particular soft spot for kittens. Their teeny paws, their little meows, and just the fact that they’re so bloody cute. I’ve grown up with cats my whole life, and every cat we’ve owned in my family was brought to us as a kitten, so I’ve… Continue reading New Kitten Care Tips: Four Things I Learned as a New Cat Mum

Tilly Posing During Her Photoshoot
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Seven Things I’ve Learned as a Cat Owner

I remember it every year - the 4th November 2013 was the day we brought Tilly home and officially adopted her as part of our family. While I’ve already written a post about Tilly herself, I still wanted to mark the occasion of this little fluff ball arriving in our lives. So, I thought it… Continue reading Seven Things I’ve Learned as a Cat Owner

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My Little Tiger: Meet Tilly

Back in 2019, I put together a post all about my little love, Tilly. You will have seen her appear here and there on my blog, and you may even follow her on Instagram (yes, she has her own account because she’s THAT extra). I’ve talked about her on my blog before, and today I’m… Continue reading My Little Tiger: Meet Tilly