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28 | Quarantine Edition

The 4th of May was my 28th birthday. As I write this I’m feeling that post-birthday comedown and feeling quite sad that it’s over for another year. Spending my birthday in quarantine wasn’t particularly the celebration I expected, but overall, I had the best day. In spite of everything, it was one of the best birthdays I’ve had, and I’m so grateful to my friends and family for making it so special. There were a number of unexpected surprises (all from a safe distance I feel I should clarify) from a few loved ones too.

Liam worked so hard to make the day special for me – he put up balloons, banners and even made Tilly a little party hat, which she reluctantly wore for less than five seconds. Present wise I had an emerald necklace, a cat themed card game and some Bath Botanical Gin – I also have some perfume which is on the way. It’s delayed because of all the crap that’s going on at the moment, but he made me a little perfume bottle out of paper as an IOU, which was adorable.

A few hours later, my sister in law arrived outside and left a box on our doorstep. Inside was the most beautiful cake – a mermaid cake. You may have seen it on my Insta but if you haven’t, here are a few pictures:

Stacey, my sister in law, is hugely talented and makes the most beautiful cakes. I’ve been desperate for a Stacey’s Kitchen cake ever since she started making them and I was buzzing when she delivered one to me. I loved the mermaid theme and the colours, and the cake itself tastes amazing!

I had another surprise from Lillie too – a pretty silver cat necklace and a white rose pot plant, along with the most hilarious card which pretty much just sums up our friendship! I’m missing her and our wine filled meetings like mad – currently we’re getting by through sending each other TikToks and hideous Snapchats, so I can only imagine the hangover that’ll come as a result of our post-lockdown session!

My favourite moment of the day had to be when my Mum left me a quarantine birthday display outside my front door – bags of presents, cake and booze, all neatly laid out on a bin bag. While I could only speak to her from her car parked at the bottom of my drive, it was so nice to actually see her in person for the first time in months. As sad as it was not getting a hug or going round to her house for cuddles with Daisy, it made my day actually seeing her outside my house.

I also had a quarantine delivery from my Mother in Law who dropped off some presents on her way home from work – I got a beautiful new scrapbook along with a book I’ve wanted, and a huge bottle of hand cream which I’ve been desperate for! An hour or so later, my Father in Law left a couple of bags outside our front door on his way home too – although Liam quickly took them away and said I wouldn’t be able to open them until later.

Liam had been saying all day that he had a surprise planned, but wouldn’t tell me any more. At 6pm, he signed into a video call with my father in law, brother and sister in law and their partners, and my Mum (and of course Daisy). It was the best surprise and it made what had already been a lovely day into an even better one. I opened a few presents, we all had drinks and then I was able to blow out my candles on my cake. It was so lovely and it really made my day – it was amazing! The day was finished with steak for dinner, a massive slice of cake, a shit load of prosecco and a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

Birthday Celebration

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to everyone who helped make the day so lovely. I was so worried it would be awful and depressing, but I spent the whole day smiling. I couldn’t celebrate properly with my loved ones but seeing them very briefly from the end of my drive meant the world.

I feel so lucky to have such amazing family and friends who worked to make my birthday so special. I’m not saying I want another quarantine birthday any time soon, but I’m so incredibly grateful that I was able to speak to my loved ones, and even see some of them from a distance, even if it was only for two minutes. I can’t wait to celebrate properly when the lockdown gets lifted (whenever the hell that may be). I especially want to thank Liam, who really worked his butt of to make sure I had the best day. Sending lots of love to anyone else that’s been forced to celebrate their birthday in this crappy situation, and thank you to everyone for the lovely messages.

16 thoughts on “28 | Quarantine Edition”

  1. The cake is beautiful! I am so glad you enjoyed your birthday despite everything that is going on just now! It sounds like you have amazing friends and family!

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  2. What a cake 😍 Also that necklace is gorgeous! Glad you had a lovely day and everyone went out of their way to make it special for you ☺️xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 The cake was incredible! We’re all lucky enough to sample them at family dinners when there’s a birthday so I was so thrilled when I got one of my own! xx

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