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29 | Another Bloody Lockdown Edition

I can’t say I ever expected to have two lockdown birthdays in my lifetime, but here we are. Despite that, my 29th birthday on the 4th May was still a good one, and this year, since discovering and falling in love with Baby Yoda – sorry, Grogu – I didn’t even mind that people were wanging on about it being Star Wars Day. I didn’t really know whether not to do a post on the day to be honest, because I did hardly anything all day – I literally spent the afternoon on the sofa binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. It was heaven.

I had a couple of celebratory-bits over the bank holiday weekend – I met up with Lillie for a walk in Corsham where there’s just fields full of roaming sheep, and we spent most of the time trying to get pictures with them. We even saw the lambs which were just adorable, and despite being a bit chilly, the sun was out the entire time we were there. I also had a birthday bag of goodies with what is arguably the best label ever.

My birthday presents from Lillie - a gift bag, scented candle, notebook and pens with "Fabulous Friend" on and a star patterned scarf. There's also a birthday card that says "Have a turtley brilliant birthday!"

On Monday we had a (socially distanced outdoors of course) visit from two friends and their new baby, and I was buzzing to have been able to meet her for the first time. Not gonna lie, the ovaries were popping – she was just the ultimate cutie pie. Later that day my Mum came over with a few cards and some presents (I know I’ve mentioned it loads, but for any Karens out there, we’re in a bubble, calm down) and I spent the evening watching Grey’s Anatomy – Season 5 is a bloody tough watch – while Liam did some gaming. 

My birthday gifts - three scented candles, a bottle of Nina Ricci perfume, two bottles of gin, a bottle of prosecco, a tasting selection of gin, a stack of books and a yellow mug with dogs on.

I had some really nice presents from the fam, my Mum (and Daisy, of course) got me some candles, prosecco, gin and some pyjamas, while I had some books I wanted and some gin from my mother-in-law, who popped over for a (again – stating it for the Karens – socially distanced outdoors) catch-up, while also delivering a treat box from Stacey, my sister-in-law. I mentioned the amazing mermaid cake she made me last year, and this year stuck with a similar theme – a box of mermaid and seashell shaped sugar cookies, brownies, cupcakes and marshmallows, finished off with miniatures of Mermaid Gin, one of my favourites! Go check out her Insta for more amazing cakes and treats!

Mermaid Box of Treats - There's three cupcakes decorated with blue icing, brownies, two mermaid tail shaped biscuits, a seashell shaped biscuit and a "happy birthday" biscuit. Everything lies on a bed of mini marshmallows surrounded by meringues and gold Lindt balls, finished with two miniature bottles of Mermaid Gin.

Liam as usual got me some lovely presents along with a lemon flavoured birthday cake which was so good! Again, I had more gin – Tipsy Tortoise Gin to be precise. Best name ever – and a few more books from my wishlist, as well as some Nina Ricci perfume among other bits. We had dinner and a few glasses of fizz, followed by a few more eppies of Grey’s. It was so nice having a day of doing nothing!

My birthday cake - lemon buttercream on the outside topped with white chocolate, lemon sauce and meringue pieces.

So that was 29. So help me that better be the last lockdown birthday. I want to get hammered at my Taylor Swift party for my 30th. Thank you to everyone that took the time to send me messages and Tweets, I appreciate it more than you know. x

4 thoughts on “29 | Another Bloody Lockdown Edition”

    1. It was so good! It was weird, I wasn’t quite expecting to have 2 lockdown birthdays but there you go! Sorry to hear you’re still in lockdown over in Toronto – I hope you’re keeping well and things improve for you! x


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