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3o Before 30

30 Now I’m 30

Yes, she’s still back on this shit. Let me elaborate. Back in 2019, when I first launched my blog, one of my key posts was my 30 Before 30 list – pretty self explanatory. Following the absolute shitshow that was 2020, me just generally being lazy and having no self-belief, I ended up revising that list towards the end of 2021 to make some of those goals slightly more achievable. Little did I know that 2022 would deal me a hand of cards smeared in human faeces when it came to my 30th birthday, so, inevitably, my beloved 30 Before 30 became more of a failures list than anything else.

Determined to complete some pathetic variation of this list, I’m having yet another stab at it. This time though, I’m moving the goalposts and calling it my 30 Now I’m 30. At the very least, it should give me another 10 years to get a few things done, by which point I’ll probably be dead anyway (I’m not being pessimistic, I’m just thinking statistically with my type A personality and the way I heavily drink). So, let’s get into it!

As before, I’ve kept things that were on the original list here – partially to look like I’ve made some sort of progress and partially because I’m so much of a lazy bitch that I genuinely don’t know what other experiences I want out of life. If something’s been crossed off but doesn’t link to another post, it’s one that’s been completed recently so you can expect a post on it very soon!

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30 Now I’m 30

1: Get a tattoo

2: Learn to play a song on my ukulele

3: Get a new job

4: Complete Couch to 5k

5: Actually make something from my Pinterest Food Porn board

6: Go to Disneyland

7: Buy a house

8: Complete a charity challenge

9: Get a new car

10: See Taylor Swift perform live

11: Cook a meal from scratch

12: Voice my thoughts on having a baby

13: Drive on the motorway

14: Go to a karaoke bar for a night out

15: Make a will and get it finalised

16: Stay at Barnsley House again

17: Go to FriendsFest

18: Make a death folder

19: Write a blog and actually stick to it

20: Share my unfiltered thoughts on entering my 30s

21: Give blood

22: Go to see a musical

23: Go to Canada

24: Go to New York

25: Finish my office

26: Throw a big-ass party for my 31st birthday

27: Get a tattoo in memory of my dad

28: Complete a fitness challenge

29: Finish off my scrapbooks and only put photos I actually want in them

30: Come off the pill once and for all

Image credits:
Featured image – Phinehas Adams on Unsplash
Pin image: Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “30 Now I’m 30”

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. Life happens! My daughter would concur on the Taylor Swift goal. She’s devastated that Taylor didn’t announce any Canadian dates along with her US tour. So last night she caved and bought a ticket for the Phoenix show in March and she’s going to fly there for the weekend.

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    1. Oh wow I’m so excited for your daughter! It’s my understanding that UK/International dates will be announced soon but I’m riddled with anxiety as to whether I’ll get tickets, especially with the Ticketmaster situ that happened! Thank you so much for commenting x

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  2. Mate, you’re way ahead of me! I’m 50 this year and mentally on some days, feel like I’m barely out of nappies / (diapers) to our continental friends! Hey girl, at least you have a darn list! You so got this x


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