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Disneyland | My Anxious Travels

So, if you read my last post, you’ll know all about my recent trip to Disneyland. It was quite a long post, so I decided to write about the anxiety side of things separately. Regular readers of my blog will know that my anxiety doesn’t always behave itself when I go on trips, and I… Continue reading Disneyland | My Anxious Travels

My Anxious Travels

My Travel Essentials

I'm currently writing this post a few days before, but as you read it, I will be waking up in Disneyland Paris! I’m so excited! It feels like it was only last week we booked our tickets, even though it goes right back to January. As per usual, the fact I’m travelling on a plane… Continue reading My Travel Essentials

My Anxious Travels

My Travel Bucket List

I can’t call myself a travel lover in any sense of the word. I hate change, I hate people, and I hate flying. I’m sure regular readers will know that for most of my life, I refused to even set foot on a plane, and didn’t do so until 2016. However, since then, I’ve flown… Continue reading My Travel Bucket List

My Anxious Travels

4 Days in Madeira | My Anxious Travels

So, after telling you about the flight, I thought I’d fill you in on what happened during my holiday to Madeira. We only booked it a week before we were actually due to go, so it was all rather rushed, but I think overall we did quite a lot in the 4 days that we… Continue reading 4 Days in Madeira | My Anxious Travels

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A Fear-Filled Flight to Madeira | My Anxious Travels

Why hello! I have returned from my holiday to Madeira, and I have loads to catch up on! While I’m intending to write a post specifically about what we got up to on our trip, I wanted to write a little about the flight itself. Originally, I had intended to have this included in the… Continue reading A Fear-Filled Flight to Madeira | My Anxious Travels