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Futile Attempts to Better My Life in 2019

I feel as though I’m already up on 2019 considering that I woke up on New Year’s Day without a hangover. For a split second I felt so good that I considered doing Dry January to really kick start my good habits. But then I remembered I have a hen party to go to this month. A hen party involving lunch with bottomless prosecco. Maybe I’ll do it in 2020.

Futile Attempts to Better My Life in 2019

It would be insane to give up booze this January with the amount of gin based gifts I got for Christmas, but I’ve set myself a few other resolutions instead:

Drink More Water

My face currently looks like a crap connect the dots, so I’ll be attempting the 30 Day Water Challenge, courtesy of Blogilates. In short, it’s to drink half of your body weight on fluid ounces every day for a month. I won’t bore you with conversions and all that, but mine was just under 2 litres. Rounding it off to the full 2 litres, I’ve invested in a decent bottle (save the turtles and all that) with a fruit infuser. I’ll probably give up cutting up bits of fruit every evening within the first week, but the thought is there.

Write More

Sorry guys. You’ll have more of this crap to read, I’m afraid. I’ve discovered that I actually quite enjoy writing thanks to my new job, and the only way I’m actually going to progress is if I keep doing. No niche as of yet, but you can continue to support my dreams of being self employed and making money from irrational rants by telling your friends and regularly reading my material.

Sort Out My Goddamn Finances

I say it every year but this year I mean it. I need to stop spending my money on crap – even down to the massive bar of Galaxy I buy when I’m having a crappy day at work. And yes, I eat the whole thing. But I’m buying a house and I have a growing credit card balance that I’ve been trying to pay off for the last 5 years. That means no more drunk shopping online for outfits I’ll never wear, and no more unnecessary trips to Primark on my lunch break. It’s just a vicious cycle. I go for something I genuinely need, it’s packed with kids which gets me angry, I buy stuff to calm down. Except the thing I needed. So I go back in the next day and the whole thing happens again. I have a definite problem. So yes. The aim – pay off at least half of my credit card balance (because doing the whole thing is a little too optimistic), and reduce the amount of money I spend on crap.

That’s it for this year. To be honest, they’re pretty much the same as last year. The challenge is to keep them up for longer than I did last year. We’ll see. Maybe my reward can be a trip to Primark.

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