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Disney Movie Bucket List | 30 Before 30

I’m ashamed to say that despite being an avid Disney fan, there’s a hefty handful of films I haven’t seen. However, given that Covid shit on a vast amount of my original 30 Before 30 list and meant I was in need of achievable tasks, I thought it would be a good time to amend things. So, here’s a nice wholesome post that will hopefully be a nice, achievable task for me to do before I take another step towards my inevitable demise (I’m on a bit of a downer as I write this post, can you tell?).

My Official Disney Movie Bucket List

Yes, this also includes Pixar movies. I have literally no reason why I’ve never watched these films – they’ve always been something I’ve wanted to do, but I’ve either never had the time, or there’s been other stuff that’s got in the way. I don’t know. As you may know, I’m one of those people that, given the choice, will choose to re-watch something they’ve seen a thousand times rather than go for something new. It’s very rare that I’ll choose to watch something I haven’t seen before over something I have. 

The overall idea of my 30 Before 30 was to encourage me to try new things, and while this is tame AF (soz, but I’m not going to be skydiving or bungee jumping anytime soon), it’s a good place to start, and maybe it’ll motivate me to check more off my list. Who knows? That’s the plan anyway. 

So, what films make up this Disney Bucket List? Well, I’ve chosen 10, but feel free to leave me any suggestions in the comments!

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I remember seeing the trailer for Enchanted and knew it would be right up my street. It’s just one of those films I never got around to watching. Plus, Patrick Dempsey is in it. So far the only role I’ve seen him in outside of Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy is when he played potential baby-daddy in Bridget Jones’ Baby. 


What I love about Pixar movies is their ability to absolutely fucking break you. Take Inside Out for example, I left the cinema in absolute bits. I’ve only heard good things about Soul, and several friends of mine have said that it seems like my kind of film, so I’m taking that as a sign it needs to be on this list.


Okay, I must confess – while I have seen Up, it’s not a film I remember all that well. Mainly, because I was drunk and spent the vast portion of it scrolling through my phone. I am, however, more than familiar with that iconic opening sequence that has the potential to break even the frostiest of hearts in just 10 minutes or less. It’s for that reason that I’d love to give Up another shot, and give it my full, divided attention, even if it does emotionally destroy me.


I’ve heard that Coco also has the potential to emotionally break you, and I’ll be honest, I’m totally for it. I saw it playing on TV last Christmas when I was at my Mum’s, but the TV was on mute so I wasn’t really paying much attention, however I was drawn to how colourful it was.

The Emperor’s New Groove

Don’t @ me. I get a lot of shit for this one. I don’t know why I’ve never seen The Emperor’s New Groove. I was always into the films with princesses and shit, so I guess this never really appealed to me. However, it was one of those films I heard my friends quoting to each other all the time, and they were absolutely stunned when I said I’d never seen it, so I guess I need to rectify that.

Frozen II

You’d think given how obsessed I was with the first Frozen, I would have instantly watched this, but I never got around to it. Don’t get me wrong, Into the Unknown is an absolute banger, I’ve just never found the time to sit and watch the film itself. I’ll be honest, if they did adult screenings in cinemas, I probably would have gone. I just wasn’t a fan of sitting in a cinema full of Elsa-wannabes talking over it all. I’ve heard it’s as good as the first one, but you can never tell with these sorts of things – Toy Story 2, for example, was fucking brilliant, however I can list numerous sequels to Disney films that were complete and utter shite. 

The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning

Okay, while we’re on the subject of shit Disney sequels, it feels like a good time to bring this into things. For some odd reason, I was obsessed with The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, which was all about Ariel’s daughter, Melody, who was obsessed with mermaids and Atlantica before even realising that her mother used to be a full on merm. It wasn’t the best sequel, but as an avid Little Mermaid fan, I really took to it. However, I never got around to watching Ariel’s Beginning, which was the prequel to the original film. I know the premise of it – Ariel’s mother is killed by humans (which is why King Triton hates them), and all music is banned from their kingdom, but Sebastian hosts a secret club where all the sea creatures sing and play music. It sounds like a wild ride, but I’ve not read the best reviews. Still, I feel it should be one I watch – and if it’s shit I can cleanse my palette by watching the original Little Mermaid.


So this is another Pixar film that I have actually watched, but again, didn’t really pay attention to, so I’d like to watch it properly. I remember drunk me crying at the scene where WALL-E watches a film and holds his own hands (HE WAS SO LONELY) and laughing at the people in wheelie chairs because all I could think about was Penny in The Big Bang Theory talking about how he “gets all the fat people out of their wheelie chairs.” 


From the storyline, it looks like Onward is another one of Pixar’s finest heartbreakers, and again, I’m totally here for it. If a film makes me cry my eyes out, I consider that a bloody good film, and what could be more emotional than a kids’ film about death? Yes, I’m well aware I have issues. 

Brother Bear

I’ve seen that Brother Bear had somewhat mixed reviews, but honestly, that sassy little bear cub looks adorable enough for me to put all my eggs in one basket and settle in for what could potentially be a mediocre film. The plot looks like it might tug on the heartstrings though, which is another thing that draws me to it.

So, that’s my Disney bucket list. With just over 6 months to go, I think it’s a perfectly doable challenge, but knowing what a lazy little shit I am, I’m not entirely convinced I’ll do it. Yes, I’m well aware that on your ass, eating donuts and watching films are the absolute definition of lazy, but still, I get the feeling it may be a task I put off. Meh. We’ll see.

Are there any other films I should add to my Disney bucket list? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Disney Movie Bucket List | 30 Before 30”

  1. I avoid Up like the plague, any photos or clips, clothing or whatever that has the film on, I get angry so quickly. There is a valid reason for this. OMG how have you not seen Emperor’s New Groove? Admittedly there are several Marvel films I’m behind on Xx


  2. I have seen a lot of these movies. It’s also amazing that your a fan of the ‘Little Mermaid” movies. I figured that King Triton hated humans because Ariel’s mother was killed by them.
    As for Disney movies I really want to see, I honestly don’t know. I just saw “Lightyear,” but it didn’t please me as much as I hoped. But maybe I will revisit the first “Toy Story” movie from 1995. I don’t remember if I saw the whole thing, but I definitely saw bits of it.


    1. I was so young when I first watched Toy Story that I couldn’t quite remember it all and almost thought it was boring – then I watched it again as an adult and it completely changed my mind! Thank you for reading and commenting x

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