Mac, Ginger, Babs and Bunty surrounded by the other chickens

Films From My Childhood: Chicken Run

When I was a kid, I had regular obsessions with different movies. Yes, I’m aware, I was a weird little thing even back then. Anyway, it got me thinking about a new series, where I look at some of the films that filled my childhood. There were certainly lots of Disney films in there, don’t… Continue reading Films From My Childhood: Chicken Run

Chocolate Cake & Candles
Life Lessons

29 Lessons

This post is becoming somewhat of a birthday tradition. I started this coming up to my 27th birthday, and I’ve updated the post each year after. It’s interesting looking back on last year’s post - as my naïve little self had been hoping lockdown would have been over by the time my birthday on the… Continue reading 29 Lessons

Jacqueline Wilson Books

How Jacqueline Wilson Sparked My Love of Reading

The 4th March 2021 is World Book Day, the yearly event that celebrates a love of books. The charity’s mission is to ensure that every child has a book of their own so they can discover the joys of reading, and it was an event I loved taking part in when I was at school.… Continue reading How Jacqueline Wilson Sparked My Love of Reading