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Lessons From the Classroom

Lessons From the Classroom – Child Development

Okay, so I’m assuming that by already reading this title you’re pissing yourself laughing. “Ames, you’ve stated many times you hate kids!” Yes, yes I have. I hated them even more when I was fifteen. Yet, I still picked Child Development as a GCSE. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps I unconsciously… Continue reading Lessons From the Classroom – Child Development

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Lessons From the Classroom

Lessons From the Classroom – Maths

It’s time for my next instalment of Lessons From the Classroom, and it’s a beefy one. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that maths was never my strong point. Today, I’m delving into all of those repressed memories of that little wonky-toothed bespectacled child who never quite understood anything beyond… Continue reading Lessons From the Classroom – Maths

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Life Lessons

29 Lessons

This post is becoming somewhat of a birthday tradition. I started this coming up to my 27th birthday, and I’ve updated the post each year after. It’s interesting looking back on last year’s post - as my naïve little self had been hoping lockdown would have been over by the time my birthday on the… Continue reading 29 Lessons

Life Lessons, Memories & Experiences

27 Lessons

The 4th May 2019 is my 27th birthday. I’ve learned a few lessons over the years, some of which are quite important, some of which are just little things I’ve picked up. So for a special birthday post, I’ve compiled a list of 27 things I’ve learned in my 27 years. Enjoy, and maybe even… Continue reading 27 Lessons