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The Therapy Diaries

The Therapy Diaries 6 | The University Years Part 2

My regulars will remember that I recently launched a spin-off to my Therapy Diaries series, where I look back through my notes from my group therapy sessions in my final year of university. This was part of my counselling module that aimed to develop self awareness and to also practice the basic skills we would… Continue reading The Therapy Diaries 6 | The University Years Part 2

Life Lessons

Lessons I Learned at University

July 2020 marked seven years since I graduated from university. It feels weird to think that I've now been adulting for that long - and when is it acceptable to stop calling yourself a graduate? Asking for a friend. The generic "tossing your cap into the air" photo. Anyone who knows me will know that… Continue reading Lessons I Learned at University