Pencil and Letter
Memories & Experiences

Letter to My Older Self

A few months ago, I wrote a letter to my younger self. It was one of the most difficult posts I’ve written, yet it was one of my most successful. Writing a letter to myself in the future was one of the blog post ideas I’ve had written down since the very beginning, but I’ve… Continue reading Letter to My Older Self

The Anxious Person's Guide

The Anxious Person’s Guide to Starting a New Job

Anxiety is a pain in the hole. Excuse the crudeness, but it’s true. So much so, that simple, everyday things can become really difficult. Thankfully, the blogging community is a great place to share tips with fellow anxiety sufferers and reach out to others who are struggling. So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to… Continue reading The Anxious Person’s Guide to Starting a New Job

Me on Graduation Day
Memories & Experiences

Lessons I Learned After Graduation

Every year when I see students walking around Bath in their graduation gowns, it always gets me reflecting on the period after my graduation. It was a period that I struggled with immensely, the reasons which will become apparent as you read on, and part of me wishes that I could sit 21 year old… Continue reading Lessons I Learned After Graduation

Life Lessons

Important Lessons I Learned From Working in Retail

So, back in 2018 I left my job in retail after a total of 7 years. It all started as a job to give me some extra cash at uni, and it was my fallback when my lack of experience let me down in finding a job actually relevant to my degree. We all know… Continue reading Important Lessons I Learned From Working in Retail