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I’ve Started Running. Again.

In an attempt to combat my recently diagnosed depression (I’ll get to that in another post), I’ve started running again. For some reason, I couldn’t get back into my Blogilates workouts after we moved - I think in part it was also due to my IBS starting to flare up again - so I ended… Continue reading I’ve Started Running. Again.

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Mental Health Awareness

Reaching Out to Loved Ones During Lockdown | Brew Monday 2021

The third January of every month is classed as Blue Monday - statistically, the most depressing day of the year. General reasons for that could be because we’re all a bit down following the Christmas festivities, no one has any money following Christmas and the long run up to payday, and the weather is a… Continue reading Reaching Out to Loved Ones During Lockdown | Brew Monday 2021

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My Anxiety Playlist

Do you have an anxiety playlist? By that, I mean a playlist of songs you always go to when you’re feeling anxious or panicky. Of course, my go to for literally any situation is Taylor Swift, but sometimes, I need to break out the big guns. Over the years, I’ve put together a whole playlist… Continue reading My Anxiety Playlist